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11-03-2012, 16:32
Hey everyone! While battling last night, I ran across a couple of things that I want to clarify. First: If you charge a terror causing unit and fail your leadership test, do you then flee? I only found information regarding being charged "by" the terror causing unit. We decided to play it as I was charged by a terror causing unit, but I am not sure if that was right. Second: If you are engaged from the front and rear, and then lose combat, do you get to choose which side you flee, or are you considered destroyed?


Waagh Rider
11-03-2012, 16:46
If you charge a terror causing unit, you don't have to take a leadership test. The reason there is no rule about it is that you're not meant to do anything! Terror only has an effect now when you are the recipient of a charge from a thing that causes terror. A fear test should still be taken at the start of the close combat phase though.

On your second point, I believe you flee from the most numerous enemy unit, and all units roll for flee and pursuit (or not)

Lord Inquisitor
11-03-2012, 18:32
Correct you don't have to test for terror when charging. In multiple combats you flee away from the unit with the most ranks but all enemy units can roll to catch your fleeing unit.

11-03-2012, 21:10
Thanks for the answers!

11-03-2012, 21:50
Still thinking on this one. Fleeing from the unit with the most ranks works for when a unit is engaged in the front, and a side flank, but it doesn't really clarify my question of being engaged in the front and the rear flank. That is why I asked if you would be destroyed, since if you run in to an enemy, you are wiped out. If you can only flee to the left or to the right when you are sandwiched, can you do so?

Lord Inquisitor
11-03-2012, 22:05
The answer is that you aren't destroyed by fleeing through an enemy unit. If its a unit you're engaged with then you can flee through them with no risk to you (they get their chance to destroy you with their pursuit roll), and other enemy units can be fled through as if they were dangerous terrain.

11-03-2012, 23:07
Much appreciated Lord Inquisitor!

Lord Inquisitor
11-03-2012, 23:12
No problem. Check out page 60 it gives an example that covers exactly this situation .