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11-03-2012, 17:41
Okay so the way we're running our campaign, we have 3 armies/banners moving around the board, each with a 1200 points list, they can be the same list but that would be a bit boring. The other players will be playing O&G, Ogre Kingdoms, Dwarves, and Warriors of Chaos. The idea of 3 different lists is you can have a bit of variety in your armies but you can't really tailor for your opponent. You can make some changes to your list later on but not to start with. Anyways I haven't gotten around to playing any games with TK yet so I'd like as much feedback on these lists as people are willing to provide.

List One
liche priest: level 2, lore of nehekhara 105 points
skeleton archers: unit of 15 w/ standard, musician 110 points
skeleton chariots: unit of 3 w/ standard, musician, banner of eternal flame 195 points
necropolis knights: unit of 4 w/ standard 270 points
necropolis knights: unit of 4 260 points
screaming skull catapult: skulls of the foe 120 points
casket of souls: 135 points

Its probably the hardest of the 3 lists, I'm thinking skulls of the foe is really good when people don't really have the points to run a lord and a bsb. The idea is that it can panic and kill off everything that's scary with the catapult and casket of souls. Archers and priest sit back and try not to get in combat and die. The chariots and knights will probably sit back and wait for the enemy to get softened up before going in for the kill. If the opponent has some war machines, I'll try and kill them off with the casket.

List Two
liche priest: level 2, lore of nehekhara 105 points
skeleton archers: unit of 12 w/ musician, standard 92 points
skeleton chariots: unit of 3 w/ standard, musician, banner of eternal flame 195 points
skeleton horse archers: unit of 5 70 points
necropolis knights: unit of 4 w/ standard, musician 280 points
khemrian warsphinx: w/ fiery roar 230 points
casket of souls: 135 points
screaming skull catapult: 90 points

List 2 is in my mind a more friendly version of the first list with a warsphinx thrown in for fun. The horse archers are there to be annoying. Maybe they'll tie of a warmachine or die to redirect a powerful unit for a turn.

List Three
liche priest: level 2, lore of nehekhara 105 points
skeleton archers: unit of 13 78 points
chariots: unit of 4 w/ standard, musician, banner of eternal flame 250 points
khemrian warsphinx: w/ fiery roar 230 points
necroplis knights: unit of 3, standard 195 points
sepulchral stalkers: unit of 3 165 points
hierotitan: 175 points

List three is just something different. The idea is just a highly aggressive list that's going to charge the enemy as opposed to sitting back on the base line and shooting them. I wanted to try and include mostly monstrous units as they seem like they're more fun to run around with.

Anyways I didn't include any tomb guard in the lists as I'm not sure they can even be effective at this points level. Its seems like for them to be effective you need to run a large unit, maybe 20+, give halberds, full command, the banner of undying legion, a prince with some protection your now looking at 500 points. Plus you still need to take a priest and 300 points of core. Any feedback would be appreciated.

11-03-2012, 17:58
I am in the middle of a similar campaign with simlar foes, however, we have a banner for every three teritories owned - I am at 8 banners right now.. Suffice to say, I have taken advantage and made some really out there lists. I suggest you do the same. I found that some of my quirkiest lists have done the best so far.. Our campaign started at 500 and goes up by 250 every two weeks until the 2500 pt finale.
The most fun I have had so far was my almost entirely entombed list at 750 pts(for fun they let my herald be my heirophant at the low pts level).. a unit of chariots and 2 units of stalkers popped up and decimated my buddies nasty deamon army..

two sphinx and colossus charge has been incredibly fun to play with as well.. My sphinx is the only way I have been able to beat my WoC buddy. He cant roll sixes. just lots and lots of 5s :)

I haven't run a single tombguard yet.. Mostly chariots and monsters..

My entombed list has now scaled up in pts, is 100% legit and is making strong headway through the dwarf and ogre mountain strongholds.. all the shooting attacks vs init is soooo strong not to mention the surprise scorp redirector to keep the bull horde running around to get shot at some more.

11-03-2012, 18:18
We decided against doing banners based on the number of titles you control because of some people really want to avoid any sort of snowballing effect, which sort of screws with the idea of a campaign. And unfortunately we can't do the scaling part because some of the players have limited funds and limited collections.

I'm going to have to try and run an entombed list at some point and see how that goes, looks like it could be a lot of fun. Maybe I can convince them to have 1 banner for each 3 territories. I'm not sure how that will go over as I suspect that 1 player in particular will make a tailored banner for each opponent.

11-03-2012, 18:25
It is a lot to manage but we have reached a point where only two of us have 8 banners and the rest are at 4 and 5. It will be holding there for a while. We found that only 3 is not enough to defend all of your borders and properly control your area with the movement style we adopted. Still, play with your lists. We placed a rule that when you touch your HQ you can completely change your list. With our rules, TK never get massacred and sent back to the HQ so whenever we go up in points I can retailor my lists.. I havent yet as I have had a clear goal in mind as I built them.. The only major problem with running more than 3 lists is losing touch with the growth of your main characters. We have since fixed the rules to help this out.. GL and have fun with your campaign..

Try the entombed list.. It has been tons of fun.. try to keep it aimed at the dwarfs and ogres...

11-03-2012, 18:34
My concern with an entombed list against dwarves is that they'll direct all of their shooting into my liche priest, that I believe will have to start on the board, he'll die and my army will be crumbling for the whole game. How did you keep him protected?

11-03-2012, 18:44
Before he brought a proper cannon and a BT he had only thunderers and organ guns.. They are only range 24 with move or shoot. He was safe behind my line until the big cannon, now he hides behind terrain and a cannon can only hit one model in the unit, combined with look out sir, he has not been picked off yet. at your points level you should be able to squeeze a decent ward save in. To be honest, I have never lost a wound to crumble. I have lost my heirophant 4 times, once early in the game and I am yet to lose a model... constructs lose one less and the bsb adds an additional 1, so with good positioning you should be two less on your constructs...

11-03-2012, 19:07
The dwarf player in my group likes to run runed stone throwers and bolt throwers with engineers which makes it hard to hide from them when I can't guarantee anything regarding terrain.

I'm guessing you think its worth taking a bsb at this points level then? They didn't seem like they would be much use at this points level.

11-03-2012, 20:11
They let me use the bsb as my heirophant so he could take the banner of the hidden dead. As the points went up the lich was included. To be honest, I built it as a fluff list and it opened my eyes to some of our units and interesting ways to use them.. I never set out to win with it. At 1250 there are multiple 10 man archer and 6 man horse archer units to choose from.. I found the eyebrow raise factor was well worth it, win or lose..