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12-03-2012, 04:11
Played a game recently via ub and thought I would report.


[SGK] Strigoi Ghoul King (Sword of Strife, Dragonbane Gem, Book of Arkhan, Red Fury, Dark Acolyte) - 405 [General] [Invocation of Nehek]
[MN] Master Necromancer (Level 4 Wizard, Master of the Dead, Lore of Vampires) - 220 [Invocation of Nehek, Hellish Vigor, Gaze of Nagash, Curse of Years]

[V] Vampire (Level 2 Wizard, Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Might, Quickblood) [Invocation of Nehek, Raise Dead]

[CG] 36 Crypt Ghouls
[SW] 21 Skeleton Warrios
[Z] 21 Zombies
[DR1] 5 Dire Wolves
[DR2] 5 Dire Wolves

[CH] 8 Crypt Horrors
[SH1] 1 Spirit Host
[SH2] 2 Spirit Hosts
[SH3] 2 Spirit Hosts
[CC] 1 Corpse Cart
[VG] 4 Vargheists

[TG] 1 Terrorgheist

BM: (Best as I can, some magic items probably omitted)

[BL] Beastlord (4+/4++,I10)
[GBS] Great Bray Shaman (???) [Lore of Beasts] [Wyssans Wildform, Flock of Doom, Curse of Anrehier, Transformation of Kadon]

[BSB] Wargor (Battle Standard Bearer, Heavy Armour, Shield, Gnarled Hide, Beast Banner) - 206
[BS1] Bray Shaman (Lore of Shadow, Herdstone) [Lore of Shadow] [Miasma]
[BS2] Bray Shaman (Lore of Shadow, Chalice of Dark Rain) [Lore of Shadow] [Miasma]
[BS3] Bray Shaman (Lore of Shadow, ??) [Lore of Shadow] [Miasma]

[UGR1:4] 4 x 5 Ungor Raiders
[G1] 39 Gor (AHW, FC) - 305
[G2] 30 Gor (AHW, FC) - 235
[G3] 29 Gor (AHW, FC) - 227

[BG] 31 Bestigor (FC)
[RZG] 1 Razorgor

Mission: Pitched Battle

Terrain: Only things that played a big role in this game were the house (building rules) and pyramid (impassable, Idol of Gork, but we always forgot) in the middle of the board that constrained the movements of his big hordes. The circular terrain in the back is a tower, and the rock next to it is a Herdstone.


BM chose to deploy north. He had 2 of each Ungor Raider unit on either flank, and a lone Razorgor to the east of the ungors on the west. Bestigor in the middle of his deployment with Beastlord in them. 29 Gors to the west of them, and 39 Gors with Shaman and BSB to the east. Herdstone and 3 L1 Shamen behind it and the tower.

BM Leave a unit of 30 Gor in Ambush.

VC deploy south. A unit of Dire Wolves on either flank. Vargheists and unit of 2 Hosts on east flank, and Crypt Horrors and 2 more Hosts and a lone Host facing building on west edge of main battle line. Ghouls with SGK and Zombies with Master Necromancer in center, with Corpse Cart behind. Skellies with Vampire hero and Terrorgheist to east of zombies.

Dire wolves Vanguard up to threaten Ungor Raiders.

Beastmen take first turn.

Beastmen TURN 1

Ambush! The beastmen player rolls a 6 for his Ambush role, and sticks 30 Gor inches away from the rear of my 3 main blocks. Not a good start for me! Bestigor and Shaman block march forward, with G3 in pursuit. Ungors reposition to shoot Dire Wolves.

Magic: 11v7, thanks to the Herdstone. GBS casts Flock of Doom on one of the SH swarms but MN dispels it. Miasma spam gets through on the TG, reducing his movement by 2". Curse of Anraheir is put on CG but dispelled.

Shooting: Raiders kill a few Dire Wolves on the flanks.

Vampire Counts TURN 1

Both hound units and vargheists charge into raiders, who stand and shoot.
Not really knowing what to do, I turn both my CG and SW to face the ambushing Gor unit hot on my heels. I also fly the Terrorgheist around to their flank, comfortably in shooting range. Zombies and CC move forward so Gor can't charge their rear.
Spirit hosts and Crypt Ghouls move up.

I roll poorly, and it is 4v4. Nothing gets off.

I roll a -12- for Deathshriek and kill a clean 11 of 30 Gor. They panic and flee through my ghouls and towards crypt horrors, losing another in the process. A lucky ambush thwarted by a lucky shriek!

Both ungor unit are run down. Wolves on the east restrain and reform to face more Raiders and flank of GBS' Gor unit. Second raider unit on the west is panicked towards center of board.

End of TURN 1:

Beastmen TURN 2

Bestigor charge Spirit Hosts screening CH.
Remaining Raider unit on west flank rallies, turns to face 1 remaining Dire Wolf on that flank. Ungors on east try to put as much distance as possible between them and hounds. Ambushing Gor fail to rally and flee farther. GBS and BSB with Gor move up, with pyramid protecting their east flank from TG.

12 v 8. I begin to feel annoyed with the poor magic luck I've been having.
Wildform gets off on Bestigor. IF Curse of Anraheir gets off on Crypt Ghouls, the ensuing Dimensional Cascade putting a wound on the GBS and killing ~10 of his retinue. Miasma gets off on Horrors as well.

Ungors pepper dogs with bows.

Wilformed, PF'ed Bestigor with Beastlord with magic weapon eat spirit hosts and overrun into CH.

Vampire Counts TURN 2

East DR charge ungors, who flee.
West lone wolf reforms to face raiders.
Ghouls and Skeletos swift reform. Ghouls take ~10 casualties from curse.
Lone SH on west flank reforms to face fleeing ambusher gors.
Terrogheist flies for cover from charge around pyramid, but with LoS to GBS' unit.
Varghiest hug north edge of board, getting behind the Herdstone and 3 Shamen.

I roll snakeyes, emit profanities, and my opponent channels. Necro gets IoN off, and raises ~10 skellies and zombies.

Terrorgheist rolls a 3 and only kills 1 or 2 Gor.

Wilformed, PF'ed Bestigor with Beastlord absolutely thrash the WS1 Crypt Horrors, but 4 wounds of models remain.

End of TURN 2:

Beastmen TURN 3:

2 blocks shuffle a bit, fleeing ambusher Gors rally and face the flank of my CG, leaving my battle line boxed in. Fleeing raiders rally as well. Bray Shamen run in all directions, 2 remaining in 6" of Herdstone. His Razorgor sits 1" from my skeletons at an angle, forcing them to align and expose flank.

He rolls poorly trying to get Curse off and has his GBS shut down. Miasma spam fails as well.

More raider-dire wolf action.

Close Combat:
Bestigors finish the last of the Crypt Horrors, and reform to face my blocks.

Vampire Counts TURN 3:

Spirit Host on the west charges rallied ambusher Gor unit facing my west flank in the flank.
Vargheist charge the Shaman in the tower. Hounds fail a charge on Raiders. I forget to move my lone wolf up in the northewest.
All my blocks back up.

Magic: I roll double 6's and end up with 12v8. I get off Curse of Years on Bestigor, and Necro gets of a 12" Invocation, giving me another 10 ranks of zombs and skells, but I roll a 1 for ghouls and only get back 5. Corpse Cart puts ASF on all my blocks.

Terrorgheist kills Razorgor.

Close Combat:
Spirit Host kills 2 and ties combat (should have crumbled 1 from his musi but we missed tis)

End of TURN 3:

Beastmen TURN 4:

His BG charge my CG, our generals having a chance to take whacks at one another.
GBS Gors attempt to charge Terrogheist, but can't make it and fail charge.

5v3. He forgets to dispel Curse of years, but gets off the boosted Kadon, turning into the T10 7W mountain chimaera!
Curse of Years kills another 8 this turn, taking 12 Bestigor in total.

He finishes off my dogs for good.

Close combat:
He accepts my challenge from my SGK to his BL, and I proceed blenderize him with my my ASF S5 attacks. ASF Ghouls do well with poison, and the unit breaks on snakeyes. I pursue and fail by a few.

Vampire Counts TURN 4:

Ghouls charge fleeing Bestigor, catch them, and overrun into 29-man Gor unit.
I was tempted to go challenge the mountain Chimaera but I my S5 wouldn't cut it.
My battle line recedes from his 30 beast banner gor with a Mountain Chimaera in them.
Terrorgheist is sure to stay in 8" so he can scream at the Ld Chimaera.

Good dice for me. Curse of Years on Gors is dispelled.
Necro gets off another IoN, skeles and zombies are at about ~50 models now.
SGK 1-dices VDH with Book of Arkhan giving Ghouls re-rolls to hit.

I roll horribly on my scream and only put 3 more wounds on the Chimaera, meaning his GBS will die once I dispel Kadon.

Close Combat:
my VDH Ghouls and SGK easily break his Gor him on a snakeyes test and fail pursuit by 1!
This panics his BSB unit who flee through my TG.
My opponent concedes at this point, as we were running out of time. We may play it out at the end, as he still had a reasonable chance of recovering.

End of TURN 4:


Post game thoughts:
- Didn't know how I was going to deal with all those big blocks, but I got really lucky at the end there. And also at the beginning, with the terrorgheist panicking his ambushers.
- I'm really on the fence about the Corpse Cart, but the ASF on ghouls was probably a game-breaker. But not everyone is I3. Possible synergy with Lore of Light Forbidden Lore Vampire. I never remembered to use my Balefire, either.
- First time my Crypt Horrors have died, but S7 attacks is too much for them even. They still did their job, not giving him an overrun.
- Terrorgheist did well. I got really lucky, as his BM dont have much that can threaten him, and are low Ld. He stays on.
- My 4th game with VC. I usually have a lot of trouble with deployment, but did well here. Except for discounting his ambushers and getting put in a rough spot by them.
- Spirit Hosts are quite effective.
- 3 Spirit Hosts and 2 Hounds felt like juust barely enough chaff. I want to try and squeeze in 1 more (Bats of some variety)
- Dark Acolyte on SGK was a waste IMHO. I only tried to cast with him twice this game. Maybe worth it if he is only backup caster.
- Not being able to swift reform with Ghouls and Horrors sucks!
- Curse of Years is essential against horde/deathstar armies!

Hope you all enjoyed. C&C Encouraged.

12-03-2012, 16:39
Bad beastmen army, Good job on the win Grats!

15-03-2012, 18:45
A few suggestions for you, always take a mortis engine, its a must have now especially when you use horrors for 4+ reg save, and also use lodestone on CC it is much more effective than balefire these days... Also you wrote that you used the 12" IoN and raised 10 skellies and zombies but only 5 ghouls. First of all, you roll once for IoN and that roll then counts for every unit in range, as the spell targets ALL friendly units within 12" nowhere does it say that you have to roll seperately and it wouldnt make any sense either since the spell is an AoE with a certain power and this power then affacts units within range.

18-03-2012, 00:17
First of all, you roll once for IoN and that roll then counts for every unit in range, as the spell targets ALL friendly units within 12" nowhere does it say that you have to roll seperately and it wouldnt make any sense either since the spell is an AoE with a certain power and this power then affacts units within range.

Wrong. Invocation explicitly tells you to roll for each unit.

20-03-2012, 17:56
Thanks for the comments, everyone!

I am curious in trying to the Mortis Engine.

To be honest, it seems expensive for what it does as seems to just get shot to pieces too soon to be effective.

Mind you, the same can largely be said for a corpse cart, but I was just running one here because I was playtesting an army based around a battalion box plus goodies, and wanted to see if I'd actually want to run the corpse cart.

Pretty sure Rotgut is correct on how IoN works.