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12-03-2012, 16:20
hey guys i would like a new 40k army but i do not know which one would be best for me. I currently play chaos marines and DE. I have a very defensive play style and the kind of army i want would be easy to use, be able to field a variety of defensive style lists, is quite cheap to get a effective 1k-1.5k force, is equally good at shooting and combat, and is quite tough to beat. Any suggestions are welcome

12-03-2012, 16:31

3 squads of THSS terminators with a cyclone missile launcher (you can find plenty of suitable cyclones on the net. my personal favourite is the kromlech one). 1 squad should have an apothecary. you have 20 points spare, so a couple of chainfists wouldn't go amiss.
1 terminator captain.
3 landspeeder typhoons with multimeltas
3 autocannon/lascannon predators.

- 12 long range S8 shots
- another 3 shorter range S8 AP1 shots
- 6 long range S9 shots
- 6 long range S7 shots

- 15THSS terminators
- 5 of them have FNP.

but most armies can do the shooting + combat mix well;
Space Wolves - long fangs, tactical squads in razorbacks. land speeders.
Blood angels - more of a shoot n scoot.
vanilla marines - lots of shooting platforms backed up by THSS termis

My question is, if you have 2 armies that you have a defensive playstyle with (though how you play DE defensively is beyond me), why do you want another defensive style army? variety is the spice of life, my man.

12-03-2012, 16:41
I cannot play defensive with them really which is why i want a new army. I may have a look at the marine books and make a few lists

12-03-2012, 17:08
If you're looking at defensive, shooty lists from codex marines or blood angels you should be looking at:
- dreadnoughts. specifically double autocannon ones
- predators. auto las. auto bolter if youre taking tactical squads into midfield
- landspeeder typhoons
- baal preds (BA only).

If space wolves, look no further than long fangs, grey hunters and wolf guard cyclone launchers

12-03-2012, 17:46
If you want defensive, and you don't like how easy a 3+ save is on your whole army ( :D ), I'd go with IG or Tau, IG being the obviously more "viable" choice.

From my experience, Tau are quite fun to play, but aren't as faceroll as those grey, red, and blue MEQs ^^

12-03-2012, 17:55
Space Wolves. They missile spam you at long range, ravage you in close range firefights, and when you charge them they still somehow end up with more attacks than you . . .

12-03-2012, 18:52
IG Chimera-Vet spam :D

Give 'em Carapace, Give em' Camo Cloaks, Give their Chimeras Camo netting.
Then park in cover at the back of the table and blast everything with heavy weapons.
3+ cover to the tanks when they DO get popped the guys inside can claim a 3+cover save.
And it's cheap as chips to build because by the time you've given them all the necessary upgrades the squads start costing more than Space Marines.

And you can always flesh it out with Leman Russ Executioners.


12-03-2012, 21:43
Space wolves seem to fit the bill, but they may be a bit too similar to CSMs. IG can play that game too, and are both different and quite hard to beat... or you could wait a bit more and see what is in store for Tau.

12-03-2012, 23:01
Tau are actually tempting me, do they have to take tanks or can they remain stationairy

13-03-2012, 00:03
Tau are actually tempting me, do they have to take tanks or can they remain stationairy

No, they don't need to take Hammerheads, as Broadside Suits can more than equal them in taking out vehicles, and pretty decent in anti-infantry. These suits aren't very mobile, though, so you have to keep that in mind when deploying them.

Tau's biggest (current) deficits happen to be low volume of fire and are almost useless in close combat. What units that are good (for Tau) in Assault would be, at best, average in other armies. Their weapons are powerful and effective at range, but can lack the volume of fire for anti-Horde work, and can lack the AP to deal with Anti-TEQ work.

13-03-2012, 01:14
I'd wait until the next edition comes out before picking an army. Things will change drastically at that point.

In general, marine missile spam, guard and some versions of Eldar can be good at shooting.

13-03-2012, 02:46
i think i may start Tau but before i make my final decison i will borrow my friends Tau codex