View Full Version : Equipping my Tyrant - first attempt!

12-03-2012, 16:02
Ok, to set the scene, I like to play armies that are 50/50 competative and fun. I plan on having a Tyrant lead my army most of the time, and to create a 'utility Tyrant' build for pick up games, I am considering the following:

Tyrant - Borgrut Giantbreaker
Two Hand Weapons, Heavy Armour, Greedy Fist, Big Name 'Giant Breaker'.

This gives me a Tyrant with an extra attack hitting at strength 7, so no need for a magic weapon I think, but thinking about what to do with the remaining 35 points of his allocation. I'm considering dumping the heavy armour in favour of Glittering Scales for a -1 to hit him in combat, or maybe a potion of resilience for a toughness of 8 in the first combat he has to take on something really hard. He may well be leading an Irongut unit with the Dragonhide Banner as well, will benefit from that.

Any thoughts for a general purpose Tyrant?