View Full Version : Rough Rider army - is it possible?

12-03-2012, 18:01
Ever since ROugh Riders first debuted in White Dwarf many moons ago, I've always loved the idea of Cavelry in the 40k setting.

Is it possible, using the existing rules, to field a whole army of them, from the HQ to the troop choices?

Has Forgeworld released anything that would let me do it? How about for those big sloth like steeds they produce?

12-03-2012, 18:04
I think Forgeworld's Death Korps of Krieg has some Rough Rider models, including an HQ choice. I don't know if you could do a whole army of them though; I think you'd still need troops.

Lord Damocles
12-03-2012, 18:39
You can take 0-1 Death Rider Command Squads (HQ), and three Death Rider squads (Fast Attack) with the Krieg Siege Regiment List (35 total).

The Krieg Armoured Battlegroup list allows you to take three Death Rider squads (Fast Attack) with the smallest non-cavalry to cavalry ratio (30 total).

The standard Guard list allows for three rough Rider squads (including Kamir), and the option of Mulakai (all Fast Attack) (30 total).

12-03-2012, 19:10
In friendly games I'd suggest that you house rule that all units are avaible to be made into rough-riders. Take away the option for heavy weapon and replace with option for another assault weapon and add +5p on each model. Also for veterans I'd suggest that you trade the +1BS for +1WS instead and remove the option for carapace armor.

Still annoys me a bit they removed the vox option from rough riders...

13-03-2012, 00:47
it'd look cool. Fill out your FA slots with three squads of 10 RRs, throw two veteran squads to fill out troops.

I want to do that actually, but am eagerly waiting new minis in plastic (non FW ones, which I actually find quite static). I'm sure when the next guard 'dex comes around, that there may be a new release of RRs, they are one of the few 'infantry' minis that require an update for guard.

13-03-2012, 01:11
mount your HQ in a chimera
2 vet squads in chimera
3 FA choices as RR

Or use the Deathrider list from FW