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13-03-2012, 12:13
The the world of 8th edition where thee ground can kill you just as dead as an orc can, I happened on the idea of the elements themselves rising up to make war on both men and chaos. What army do you think would best fit an elemental force and which units would be what elements?

The Low King
13-03-2012, 15:34
Not sure what army...but for the four elements:

Wind: Something that flies, fast, fickle
Earth: High Toughness unit or Mining/Beneath the sands, high leadership
Fire: Something with flaming attacks obviously....maybe frenzy or hatred(Chaos dwarf K'daii?)
Water: Ethereal, unbreakable

13-03-2012, 15:51
How about Daemons. Forget about specific Gods for each element, and pick out what units fit best. Fire = Flesh Hounds, Flamers, Pink Horrors, Bloodletters. Earth = Plaguebearers, Beasts of Nurgle, Juggernaughts (because they're tough), Wind = anything fast, so Screamers, Steeds of Slannesh... can't think of anything else fast, Water = trickiest one, suppose you could relegate Daemonettes and Fiends to this one, can't really think of a logic behind it though.

13-03-2012, 17:23
Using daemon rules was my first thought as well.

13-03-2012, 17:28
Wood Elves would be a good fit for some of them (except fire of course)

Chaos Dwarfs for fire

13-03-2012, 18:24
Way back when, when GW published their monthly Journal there were rules and models for elementals.
If memory serves they were like a wizard's spell - so a Lv 4 would have an elemental and 3 spells - and died if he did.

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13-03-2012, 20:05
VC can come close.

Fire- Flaming banner, or Hexwraiths.
Air- I'd say Spirit Hosts, but perhaps something that actually flies- Varghiests, bats?
Earth- Anything raised, and Crypt Horrors
Water- Gets tricky, but If you use flyers as air, then Spirit hosts could be water elementals. Black Knights can move through water, can't they?

13-03-2012, 20:27
Nice idea! :yes:

I would say lizardmen:

Saurus: Earth elementals (slow, killy and tough)
Salamanders: Fire elementals
Skinks: Water elementals (fast and fluid)
Terradons: Air elementals (best fast, flying, cav unit in the game)
Slann: Magic elementals (Magic is an element in warhammer right?)

13-03-2012, 21:38
Daemons would be the best fit in my eyes. They do naturally lend themselves to any non-warhammer theme that needs a four-way division (ie the traditional elementals). also, the ability to have loremaster hero-level magic users helps keep your force flexible, and will help you theme your army.


14-03-2012, 12:38
The thing is that the elements can be storted into entropic and stabel elements, the entropic ones lend themselves better to chaos, Thats fire and wind, they're chaotic by their very nature. Stable elements are Water and earth. they as aristotle put it only move to return to their natrual state. They are harder to use chaos for. (Nurgle being the only possiblity as earth). Even then i'd use forest spirits for earth before nurgle deamons.

Other elements that have been added to the specrum is life and mercury (metal one might say). Life would be forest spirits. and metal would propably be chaos demons (Khorne i'd say).

Water is hard to use since water is usually the element of healing and mending. Doesnt fit with chaos (although Aekold Helbrass comes to mind). And forest spirits are very land based.

But this is just my thoughts.