View Full Version : skaven vs. ogre kingdom 1000 point

13-03-2012, 18:04
not sure this works, i haven't played them after the new book arrived...

greyseer, naked - 240

20 clan rats naked, with WFT - 160

75 slaves with shields - 187,5

2 wlc -180

12 Gutterrunners, poison slings - 161

i've got 71 points left..

any surgestions? :/

14-03-2012, 02:12
im not sure what to bring at all, any surgestions are more than welcome...

i thought that i could run the seer naked, put him in the clan rat unit perhaps
20 clan rats to get a wft.. - i figured that the parry save comes in handy + 20, compared to 10 storm vermin..
a huge slave block to hold him off while wlc and wft shoots into the slaves.. thougth about bringing a ratling gun instead it can stand behind the slaves, se the ogres and shoot them at strengt 4 - but the wft is probably better against multible wounds
2 cannons for taking out all that hits the slaves
12 gutterrunners with poison - is this a good idea? i cant decide:/
71 points is ... more gutterunners.. a slave unit for the seer ... 3 WLJ - which would be a bad idea i think... an engineer with doom rocket? or bsb??

14-03-2012, 02:57
I would split up the slaves from 1 block of 75 to two blocks of 50, leave the shields at home imo, use the extra points for more slaves, he will be hitting you with high enough str to ignore the AS so it would only be the 1/6 chance of a parry that saves you, compared to an extra 10 slaves or so...you decide

14-03-2012, 09:25
but as i see it, 1/6 chance can save more than 10 models? i see your point, but after a fight with 5 blood knights where 1 of them was a crazy vamp. i never run slaves without shields again! christ!
but 2 blocks sounds okay - sure its goint to hold? i have nothing left when they are chopped away:b haha (why am i laughing? :( )

17-03-2012, 19:44
IMO, you don't need shield on your slaves. Two groups of 40 slaves will give you double slave explosion..they are surely going to die, btw. I would also try with WFT, but it must be well protected from sabertusks...
Ogres hate:
2 WLCs are mandatory!!!!
Seer with Cracks call or Warlord with Fellblade...
Engineer with Brass orb....
And remember...GRunner's poison is useless vs slaugtermasters and butchers.... I learned from that mistake more then once! :D :D
BEst regards!