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13-03-2012, 20:30
These have probably been answered before, but I never seem to have luck with the search function so thought I'd just post and either get linked to the relevant Q&A threads, or responses, so here goes.

In a recent game vs. O&G the following questions came up.

1. A unit of Orc Boys are already engaged in combat and have fought a round last turn (so no longer have the +1 str for Choppas) and are then flank or rear charged. Do those Orcs now engaged in combat in the flank or rear get the +1 str for their Choppas? Possible answers are a) yes, as this is the first round of combat vs. the new unit, or b) no, as it is an already existing combat and the first round has already been and gone.

2. What happens to the victory points for a fanatic once released from a unit and then subsequently destroyed? Do you have to wipe out the entire NG unit to get the vps for the fanatic? I would say yes, as the fanatic is an upgrade to the unit. My opponent (The O&G player) was saying no, as it became a separate unit that was destroyed.

The way we played the two questions was that the Boys got the +1 str for choppas, and we had to wipe the entire NG unit out to get the vps.

The latter didn't really matter much as I won by 201 vps, but the former meant his unit held in combat as the +1 str meant he wounded 2 more than he would have with S3, and I would have saved 1 wound.

Thank you in advance.

THE \/ince

13-03-2012, 21:03
1. No.. Choppas work for the first round of combat, not for the first round of combat that particular model is able to fight in.

2. This is contained within the Fanatics entry in the army book - hint, your opponent is wrong.

13-03-2012, 21:15
Cool. Thanks for the speedy reply.

THE \/ince