View Full Version : 1000pts Vampire Counts, all commers

13-03-2012, 21:45
I'm trying to put together a list for some upcoming battles that me and my friends are going to have on the 25th.

I don't know who I'm going to play yet, but my possible opponents are, Orcs and Goblins, Dwarfs, Beastmen, High elves.

I was thinking of bringing this list.

I want to stay clear of using any lord level character. And I don't own a single zombie, zero, zip, none :D
I got a terrorgheist and some more skeletons and some chaos blood knights ;)

lv1, (lore of vampires ,IoN)

Armor of Silverd Steel, Additional Hand Weapon, Forbidden Lore (Lore of Beasts, wildform)

40 Skeleton Warriors:230
Spear, Shield, Full Command

10 Dire Wolves:80

20 Grave Guard:300
Hand Weapon, Shield, Heavy Armour, Full command, Banner of the barrows

3 Vargheists:138


15-03-2012, 00:13
Make skellies into two blocks. One 30 and the other 10 for bunker for necro. Put vamp I. Grave guard. Split wolves into two units. That's a start

18-03-2012, 23:13
I would keep the block of 40 skeletons. IMO a unit of 10 is next to useless even as a bunker (will go poof against almost anything). I agree with zielonkak about the 2 units of wolves (2 units of 5 would be better). Maybe even drop the wolves for bat swarms giving the enemy ASL is nice. I would run the Graveguard 7 wide for max killing potential.
Just have the necromancer walk behind the skeleton unit(you don't need a bunker in a 1000pt game surely).
Not real sure on the purpose of your vampire here? If you want to cast spells take a necromancer, if you want a fighting character take a vamp. A BSB is also a very nice addition, consider fitting this into the list.
Seems like you can use your skeletons as an anvil and your graveguard as a decent hammer(should work ok).
3 Vargheists is nice for killing warmachines and wizards(be careful T 4 with no armour they will die easy)
Hope this helps any.