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15-03-2012, 10:45
Hello everyone. As the title of this thread suggests this is a list for a tournament being held @ the end of March @ my local game store. The tournament was originally going to be a 2800pt. one but due to the high point value there were several players who would not be able to attend as they did not have enough models and proxies are not allowed, so after some talk the tournament organizer agreed to lower the point cost to 2K which will bring in more players and hopefully create a more fun and diverse tournament. Now the list I am going with is a MSU style list that I feel may be successful @ this point value as I have had some good success with this type of army @ smaller point values. However I still would appreciate any advice, comments or ideas about this list as it is a 1st attempt and am willing to change if the suggestions have merit. Thanks for reading guys! :D


-Level 4 Lifeweaver
*w/ Wand of the Wych Elm, Glamourweave Talisman, Iron Curse icon

-Noble BSB
*w/ Asyendis Bane, Hail of Doom Arrow, Dragon Helm, Light Armor

*w/ Cluster of Radiants

CORE: 1086pts.

-(x4) x8 Dryads

-(x4) x10 Glade Guard

-x20 Glade guard
*w/ Banner of Eternal Flame

RARE: 340pts.

-x5 Waywatchers

-x5 Waywatchers





-Level 4 can re-roll dispel attempts and with the glamourweave talisman it will allow me to get a ward save when trying to cast dwellers below with irresistible force (other option was to take moonstone so I could teleport unit away but with unknown terrain to be on boards not sure if I will go that route). Iron curse Icon is on him because I had 15 extra points left to spend and it will give my GG some defense against the Empire, Tomb Kings (since casket is a warmachine correct?) Skaven, and other players that will have warmachines. The BSB is my usual build just because I had the 15 extra points and figured why not give him a 5+ armor save with the dragon helm? The Branchwraith is there to add a dispel dice and to give one of my dryad units some more punch in CC.

-After watching my Wild Riders get slaughtered in the last few games I attempted them I have decided to not to run them @ all (was horrific to watch) and have fallen back on a common Wood Elf tactic of spamming small units of dryads making me even more of a pain to kill. Also it will give me alot more re-directing options and will help as well in terms of victory points as each unit is worth only 96. The GG build is still the same with the bunker unit of x20 with both the BSB and Lifeweaver in it and to get the x20 shots with flaming attacks in the probability they are needed.

-I am running x10 waywatchers in x2 units (am considering combining them into one big unit of x10, just hesitant due to the "eggs in one basket" metaphor) for any scary units like Chaos Knights, Bretonnians, Characters and other units I may come across as well as being additional warmachine hunters in the case that they are needed to be. The two eagles do what they do best by being targets, re-directing and hunting warmachines.

15-03-2012, 14:40
Just a few thoughts to get the ball rolling here, I know you've had more feedback from other forums:

I'm really not sure on the level 4's set-up. First up, what is Life magic going to do for you? You don't have any really good targets for Flesh to Stone or Regrowth, so your games will likely come down to 6 dice Dwellers every turn. Not only is this a horrendous way to play the game, but it has several downsides- you really don't want your expensive level 4 general using 6 dice per spell every phase, and you also especially don't want your expensive general within 24" of a nasty enemy unit. I don't think having the Glamourweave Talisman is worthwhile, exactly how often do you want her to be outside of her unit? If it's only going to be once or twice a game then the Stone of the Crystal Mere is better, but to be honest she doesn't need a ward save beyond maybe the Dragonbane Gem if you have 5pts left over to protect her from the most common magic missiles in the game. I've also found a scroll to be the better option, so that you're guaranteed to stop that one spell that you absolutely must not let through.

The Glade Guard new musicians so that they can swift reform and shoot.

I'd also drop one unit of Dryads (I've found the 4th unit to just get in the way a bit), drop the big Glade Guard unit down to 15 and get a 5th unit of 10 Glade Guard.