View Full Version : Meltabombs, is there a right way or time to use them?

15-03-2012, 22:36
Hello all!

I was visiting another board when a discussion over tactical squad sgts showed a lot of dislike lately for special close combat weapons. In the course of the discussion, I thought "How come noone's mentioned meltamombs?"

In my particular case, I am a powerfist sgt kinda guy, and that's why I don't bother with them. I have read here and elsewhere about some people taking them though. So I want to know if anyone does actually still take meltabombs, and what their reason for it is.

If you don't take meltabombs, that's cool too, maybe you could post why you don't to either show alternatives to taking them or problems they have that keeps you from taking them.

It's just so rare to me to even hear about meltabombs except random postings here and there.

15-03-2012, 23:26
Well, they come in handy when there´s a Land-Raider to crack and for death or glory attacks. If I have the points to spare I take them on my Aspiring Champions, even though they have fists and I generally take them on my Lord (since he´s got a DW and I´ve been in a few situations where those MBs saved the day).

Lord Damocles
15-03-2012, 23:31
I've never been a great fan of Meltabombs, since relying on one attack to take out a vehicle - in combat - isn't a situation I aim to get into all that often.

They can be handy, but generally I'd rather just use basic kit (Kraks on basic Marines tend to do a decent job anyway) and spend the points on guns.

15-03-2012, 23:51
Unless you are kitting an entire squad with them, they are just too situational to be worth taking in most cases. I would rather have the powerfist as enhances the squad in combat as well and can be used in far more situations. Those 5 point melta bombs add up, especially if you put them on sargents/aspiring champs. Could be the difference between another few guns or marines.

Still, if I can squeeze them into a list, its on IC that don't have any other form of anti tank.

16-03-2012, 00:06
Equipping a Commander with them isn't a bad idea if you are going to be taking double lightning claws or a SS/Lightning Claw for the Wolves. They work great on Wolf Scouts coming in the back door lol

16-03-2012, 00:14
At 5 points they're not a bad buy for a Sgt/Champ or an IC with a power weapon or similar. It's an extra tool in the toolbox when you find a Land Raider tearing up your lines. For me, however, they're normally something I do with the odd 5 or 10 points left in my list...not something I hand out habitually.

16-03-2012, 03:20
Imperial Guard Veterans + Demolitions Doctrine. You either get a free Demo Charge with your Meltabombs or a Squad-set of Meltabombs free with your Demo Charge. :D I don't leave my Chimera without them.

Like Lord Damocles said, it's not ever something you want to be relying on singularly, which is why random Sarge upgrades are unappealing but strapped onto a squad where each guy gets a go they can do pretty well although, one instance I can remember with my Demo Vets charging a stationary Chimera (Guard on Guard, always THE best battles) 10 auto hits, a couple managed to glance and nobody managed a score above 3 for a damage roll....

Walkers are a big part of the problem, I think. If you wanna stick your bomb to a walker you need a 6 and you get just one try, IF the walker is immobilised or Stunned you can use the Ws Comparison (and just how many Walkers out there are immune to Stunned and Shaken?!).
But let's think about that, you have to be charging a stunned or immobile walker to manage the Ws option, which means your meltabombers either have the ability to slay the walker at arm's length or another section of your army has done the job for them, so why charge it knowing it's going to be unable to reciprocate until the next turn is over OR risk locking yourself in combat with it and effectively shielding it from whatever element of your army managed to lay it low this turn? If you don't manage a kill-sot this turn you're going to be in for a pummelling next turn...
Charging in with a single Meltabomb is subjecting an entire Squad to the Vehicle's wrath (albeit diminished) for the sake of a single MAYBE.
Even assuming you hit, you're facing frontal armour, now I know that Meltabombs are pretty reliable on paper, but needing to score 4-5 with two dice is far from guaranteed, too far removed from certainty to make it anything other than a last ditch -what have I got to loose - type attack.

Against other vehicles it's very situational, but unless a vehicle's stationary you're loosing at least 50% of your tries before you even get to rolling for penetration and, on those 50% of successes you have no guarantee you're going to do any worthwhile damage (if only the Meltabomb were considered AP1).

16-03-2012, 08:48
i use them on my nurgle chosen

16-03-2012, 09:52
I use them only as points filler for characters without powerfists. They don't get used much in-game, but when the situation comes up that I need them, I find myself VERY glad I took them.

16-03-2012, 10:07
same here. If I have 5-15 points left over, I tend to hand out some meltabombs to sargeants without fists.

If you can get a whole squad with them, like guardsmen, it's quite handy. but one dude isn't really worth it.

16-03-2012, 10:33
They are an absolute must on my Aspiring Sorcerers, as without them, my very expensive squad of Thousand Sons can be taken out by a Killa Kan.

16-03-2012, 11:01
As has been said, I'll often use them to fill up the last few points, normally a couple on Sternguard as they can charge after firing combi meltas. I've found grenades working on vehicles is a rare thing, but when it does happen it can be fun. I had one game with a tactical sergeant after his entire squad had been killed, managed to get in to combat with a enemy rhino on the last turn, throw a grenade in to the hatch and destroy it. Thus giving me the 1 KP needed to win the game. He got his own model specially done after that game, running, grenade in hand.

16-03-2012, 12:03
Def worth it,

16-03-2012, 15:13
I use them on my Wolf Scouts. Blew up 3 Vehicules in a multiple assault.

As for my ICs, if they have a WTN I give them meltabombs. If I run into a walker I can meltabomb it on a 3+ instead of the usual.

Chapters Unwritten
16-03-2012, 15:42
Does the Wolftooth Necklace really work with grenades? I didn't really ever think of doing that.

In my armies a melta bomb, be it on a squad or otherwise, has almost never come in handy, but the reason is simple: it's the hitting that's the issue. They are great if you catch someone with their pants down but typically any vehicle you'd want to hit with these things is something that is pretty close by, and knowing that, it probably got there by moving - in some cases quickly. So almost every time I use a melta bomb, I'm rolling a 6 to hit.

I don't find krak grenades all that helpful either, just because of the same reason, but at least those are more numerous.

16-03-2012, 17:22
TIL my vetrans get more than just a demo charge. Man I feel silly.

16-03-2012, 22:33
Does the Wolftooth Necklace really work with grenades? I didn't really ever think of doing that.

Per the Rulebook, Codex and FAQ. Yes they do but only against walkers since walkers have a WS.
To use a grenade you need to be in close combat.

FAQ says: “Against models with a
WS value, a model with a wolftooth necklace always
hits in close combat on the roll of a 3+.”

The rule does not exclude walkers and includes all models with a WS.

Chapters Unwritten
17-03-2012, 00:16
Ehh. If walkers were more common, I'd probably consider it a boon, but as it is most walkers I see are autocannon dreadnoughts and they rarely get close enough for melee attacks to be as viable as shooting ones. This thread makes compelling arguments to the contrary anyway: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/296904.page

Still. Melta bombs, even with a buff like that, would never be my first or even my preferred last resort.

17-03-2012, 04:20
I like to put meltabombs on my sergeants (along with power weapons) as it nearly precludes tank shocks, and is very helpfull against dreadnoughts.

17-03-2012, 10:17
IG veterans with demolitions kill vehicles dead. I have melta guns on mine, so the meltabombs don't actually see that much use. It rocks as a deterrent against tank shock. It also rocks on fast units that can get at those stationary vehicles.

Lord-Gen Bale Chambers
17-03-2012, 19:34
My Elysian Drop Troop veterans are always equipped with demolitions (demo charge + melta bombs).

The demo charges are ace (especially mixed with a "target on my command" order), but the melta bombs are useful as well and see more use than you would think.

18-03-2012, 16:38
They are an absolute must on my Aspiring Sorcerers, as without them, my very expensive squad of Thousand Sons can be taken out by a Killa Kan.

Once upon a time, I had Ahriman dismantle a dreadnought using warptimed krak grenades. Obviously very lucky, but it made me realise how nice melta bombs would be by comparison, more so for an aspiring sorcerer who's likely to survive through several turns.