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16-03-2012, 03:06
Yo broskis, I'm new to the whole Warhammer thing and thought my first question here would be a fun one. Any of u guys got a good idea for certain models that would make a supah shweet carnosaur. Obviously I plan to play lizards but I always like my first game with an army to be hilarious and awe inspiring, so I figure I should get some carnosaurs and cold one cavalry. I plan to buy Kroq-gar at some point cuz the regular carno is cool, but I hate the idea of having duplicate stances on a model that big. Just to get things rolling creatively, I thought an Orc Wyvern would be rather goofy and fun after some modifications.

Either way thanks for you times bruddas!:confused:

Gandalf the Gay
16-03-2012, 14:49
It is really easy to find cool looking models or toys of dinosaurs. Why dont you try to find something like that, and just stick a Saurus on top of it?

16-03-2012, 20:48
You can pretty much make anything you want into a carnosaur. It is simple to justify its abbilities for any model that is sutibly big and nasty

16-03-2012, 21:28
Just head down to the museum and get a T-Rex from the gift shop :)

16-03-2012, 22:02
Carnasaur + Cold ones is a cool theme to choose, as mnay people buy the battle forces and sell/ebay the Cold-ones since some people see them as naff, so you shoud be able to buy plenty of them.

Just be warned, due to the percentages system of Lord choices (which you may not be familiar with), Kroq-gar is not fieldable until you reach quite large games. More likley, until you get to 3k+ pts, you will be favouring an Old-Blood on carnasaur. You strike me as a casual gamer however, and this resriction may not be so important to you.

As for the model, im not sure. I do rember seeing a carnasaur-esque model that would've perfect, but i cant remeber who makes it. I think there european, and specialise in monsters and wizards (kind of tamer+beast enviroment). They made a cool Ghorgon if that helps!


The Low King
16-03-2012, 22:17
Carnasaurs are awesome!!! Really you just need a ferocious looking model.

My recent Carny-Cold one based list:

Saurus Old blood Tak Var, Commander of the Dragon host. 471
-Blade of Realities
-Light armour

Old Blood Drakk Var, Spawn kin of Tak Var 275
-Revered blade of Tzunki
-Armour of fortune
-Cold One

Scar Veteran 163
-Cold one
-Huanchi's blessed totem
-Light armour

Skink priest (level 1: heavens) 110
-Diadem of Power
-Curse charm of Tepok

10 skink skirmishers 70
10 skink skirmishers 70

30 saurus warriors 360

20 Saurus warriors 250

12 Cold one Cav 465
-FC-Banner of swiftness

10 Cold one cav 410
-Banner of Eternal flame

5 Cold one cav
-FC 205

3 terradon riders 90

16-03-2012, 22:29
Step 1: Find a Transformers Generation1 Dinobot T-Rex.
Step 2: ????
Step 3: Profit!

Bonus points for putting a Slann on the Dinobot Triceratops and a masked Skink on the Pteradactyl!