View Full Version : My first dark elf list 2000 points.

16-03-2012, 03:12
So finally got the army book and here goes!

Supreme sorceress
Lvl 4

Lvl 2
Seal of ghrond
Time of furion

Cold one
Heavy armor
Sea dragon cloak
Hydra banner

20 spearman

2x 14 cross bowmen

20 black guard
Banner of murder

10 shades
Additional hand weapons

5 cold one knights

2 reaper bolt throwers

Hows that look guys any suggestions?? Lvl 4 will go in with spearman block lvl 2 in with xbowman
And master with the cold ones.


16-03-2012, 03:25
You need to specify the Lores on the mages, but I'm going to suggest Shadow on the level 4 and Fire on the level 2.

I'm not a fan of ward saves on level 4s, she just doesn't need it. I'd swap the Pendant for Lifetaker.

On the Fire mage, you really don't need the third spell or the extra dispel dice. Instead, I think a Dispel Scroll will serve you better.

You'll get better mileage out of a Cauldron BSB than the Hydra Banner BSB, especially from such a small unit of knights that just begging for him to be sniped out of.

The Warriors don't need shields. A champion is nice on them to challenge out, and the Standard of Discipline is great for the ld10 general.

The xbows could do with musicians.

If you only have 10 shades, run them in 2 units of 5.

5 Knights won't really do that much for you beyond giving away their points unfortunately.

For the most part, Reapers will do very little more than shades will do. However, given that you don't have much combat power atm, I'd be inclined to drop both the Reapers and one unit of xbows and put those points towards 30 Corsairs with full command and the Sea Serpent Standard.

16-03-2012, 04:20
How about if I take 30 witch elves with cauldron bsb??

18-03-2012, 00:40
So I dropped the master, cold ones and reapers and added a cauldron bsb and a hydra and have 200 pts left what should I do??

18-03-2012, 05:24
Going back to your original list:

In general, for 2000 points, you have too many small units. Buff one unit.

-- I would remove one of the special choices, 10 Coks with a cauldron support and hydra banner worked better in 7th then in 8th, but it's fine if you choose that one.

-- Take he shields away from spearmen because they no longer can get a parry save in any way. Make them bigger unless they are only for your mages to sit in behind everything else.

-- I wouldn't take that much shooting for a first list, but thats my opinion. Instead Add a Hydra--great unit, but with weaknesses and take time to figure out when you first start.

If you do run that master, I would give him a great weapon instead of halbread.

20-03-2012, 21:04
So I was thinking of going

Lvl 4 fire
Lvl 2 shadow
Cauldron bsb
Block of spear man
Block of corsiers
Repeater xbowman
Dark riders
Black guard
And a hydra

How does this sound now??

20-03-2012, 23:32
Swap the lores on the 2 mages around. Fire is much better for DE as a support Lore and Shadow is best as a Level 4 Lores due to the high casting values and several poor spells in the deck.

21-03-2012, 02:07
So how do the units look??

25-03-2012, 01:54
Supreme sorceress (shadow)
Lvl 4

Sorceress (fire)
Lvl 2

Death hag

20 spearman
Full command

12 repeater xbowman

30 corsairs
Full command
Sea serpent standard

20 black guard
Full command
Banner of Hal Gael

10 shades

War hydra

Tell me what u guys think

25-03-2012, 17:35
The new list needs more core as you need minimum 500 points on core,drop the witch elves down to 20 and add some corsairs in.

25-03-2012, 18:34
Hmmm Drop the black guard.. Add more spearmen and witchelves.. You dont want to invest that many points in a cauldron only to have your block of witchelves get blasted away

25-03-2012, 20:36
So edited the list what u guys think??

25-03-2012, 21:05
The level 4 doesn't need a ward save, I'd swap it for Lifetaker.

Drop the shields on the Warriors, and give them the Standard of Discipline.

With Black Guard, the champion is only really worthwhile if he has a magic weapon. Also, the ASF banner is a bit of a waste on them- they get re-rolls in every round of combat anyway due to Warrior Elite, so the banner only really helps out against High Elves (which you should be shooting instead of fighting in combat), Daemonettes (which Black Guard actually beat in combat anyway with the Cauldron ward save and after a couple of rounds of shooting) and other Black Guard. Overall, the Banner of Murder will do more for you more often, and even then I don't think it's necessary. I prefer to keep my Black Guard cheep and cheerful- 20 with a musician comes in at a nice 267pts, and with Shadow and Cauldron support they're still brutally effective, and if they die they only give away a handful of VPs (2 tournament points under a 20-0 system), as opposed to 300+ if you start tricking out the unit.

I'm not a big fan of the hydra, I just find them to be too easy to deal with. Personally, I would never take a hydra over a second unit of shades.

03-04-2012, 09:08
Should I run the 30 corsairs in horde formation??

03-04-2012, 10:12
I usually do, on the grounds that their main purpose is to go out and kill stuff, so I want to get as many attacks out of them as possible. In different situations you may want them to only be 5 wide, or sometimes 15-20 wide, but horde formation is a good rule of thumb.

03-04-2012, 10:56
Ok then I got the ward save on the level 4 cause she usually goes in my only unit of spearman.

Dirty Mac
03-04-2012, 13:59
The ward save on the lvl 4 is a waste of points mate, seriously, she will hardly ever see combat, you already get a 2+ save vs canons,
Miscasts are either single hits, or lose your mage , and a ward save won't save you there. dwellers below is a no saves of any kind allowed, so no help there, and shooting wont be able to pick her out. Better off with either lifetaker like tom suggested, or My favorite, The Pearl of infinite Bleakness. It makes her and the unit ITP, so no panic tests from miscasts taking half your unit away, and no panic test from saccing too many guys, or losing too many from shooting. I would also take the banner of swiftness on the warrior unit, to get in to good spell range early. a 12" march is handy, Ld 9 re-rollable is hard to fail, Banner of discipline might be a waste here.

04-04-2012, 22:29
She has the ward cause I'm worried about her getting challenged that's the only reason I have it on her maybe I should make her a 10 man bunker or something??

Dirty Mac
05-04-2012, 01:37
were you planning on running her solo? if so challenges would be the last of your problems. If I saw a solo mage she would probably be dead by the end of turn 2 if not the end of turn 1.

05-04-2012, 03:17
No she goes in the spearman or I'm Gunna make a 10 man bunker for her to hide in

Dirty Mac
05-04-2012, 06:13
ok, I thought the spearmen was the bunker, anyway, you will find that maybe 15 spearmen is enough and you could try to increase the RxB men up to 20.
the more you play the more you will see if you need that ward save or your sorc or not, I'd wager not, ward saves wont save you from panic.
Play the list you have and then try to see where you need to make changes. but drop the banner of Hag graef on the Black guard, give them banner of murder.

05-04-2012, 09:31
Well that spearman block usually gets into combat and I'd rather keep her out so I'll make her a lil 10 man bunker or something. Yeah will be dropping that banner on the black guard

Dirty Mac
05-04-2012, 14:53
Drop the spears to 15, give them the banner of swiftness, that's your bunker.
Up the crossbow men, they can be combat troops too, sometimes even better than spears, they get a stand and shoot reaction,
and they get a parry save if you give them shields. get the black guard in to combat quickly. as well as the corsairs, be careful with re-directors
as corsairs are frenzied with that banner. make sure you support your hydra.