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16-03-2012, 15:42
After my previous few games 1 against DE in which I lost in horrible fashion and the last one against lizardmen, in which i won (but i still wasnt convinced of the list) ive come up with a new list that will be able to absorb alot of damage without losing massive amounts of VP's

Lords and Heros - 732

Master Necromancer - 285

Level 4 - Vampires
Talisman of preservation
Rod of flaming Death

Necromancer - 120

Level 2 - Vampires
Power Stone

Necromancer - 90

Level 1 - Vampires
Dispel Scroll

Necromancer - 70

Level 1 - Vampires
Iron Curse Icon

Necromancer - 65

Level 1 - Vampires

Cairn Wraith - 60

Wight King - 162

Banner of the Barrows

Core - 600

40 Zombies - 130

Standard, Musician

40 Zombies - 130

Standard, Musician

40 Zombies - 130

Standard, Musician

40 Zombies - 130

Standard, Musician

5 Dire Wolves - 40

5 Dire Wolves - 40

Special - 707

36 Grave Guard - 426

Full Command

2 Bat Swarms - 70

Spirit Host - 45

Spirit Host - 45

Corpse Cart - 121

Unholy Loadstone

Rare - 240

Mortis Engine - 240

Blasphomous Tomb

Total Points: 2399


Above is the typical deployment for the units but it will be subject to change depending on the enemy but i would aim for a refused flank.

Initially the necromancers would be in the front zombie units and within range of each of them for the 12" IoN's or at least 2 of them for the 6" IoN's. The Mortis engine (ME) would be able to provide increased spell casting ability and hopefully with the amount of necromancers and the rod of flaming death a guarantee to pull out dispel dice when cast on enemy blocks of units then i can chance some 1-2 dice IoN's.

My zombies ranks should swell with my necromancers staying within 6" (where possible) of the CC and the loadstone and re-rolling any 1's I get for new models. Even if i can only get 1 IoN of per turn that hits all 4 units thats (an average of) 32 zombies per turn! (7*4 + 2 Wizard level (AVG)*4)

The grave guard will be set to chomping through anything that they touch with the bats helping them out with the ASL ability. The spirit hosts and wraith will be launched at anything I don't fancy dealing with that they shouldnt crumble against. The wolves are there to mess up charge lanes or hunt war machines as is the norm for chaff.

Comments or crits welcome. I need to buy more zombies.....

16-03-2012, 15:57
title was meant to say denial.....

16-03-2012, 15:57
I feel that everyone will nuke your grave guard and then u will just sit there doing no damage. You may be able to raise a lot back , but its those inevitable terrible magic phases that will kill you. If you want to run this list I suggest the black pharat or whatever its called.

16-03-2012, 16:39
Another thing is that you might want to give the Banner of the Barrows to the Grave Guard unit if you give them FC. At last, it's easier to kill a WK than 36 GG, so this way you will potentially have the standard more time active.