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16-03-2012, 19:08
I am building an Imperial Psyker in Dark Heresy. I want to build it like a Jedi. Any one have ideas as to which powers to take and armour and weapons?

17-03-2012, 08:12
Grab your copy of the Inquisitor's handbook, go to chapter 2 Calixian Careers page 80 and have a look at the Templar Calix of the Scholastia Psykana. It's a rank 4 elite advance for the sanctioned psyker but it tells you prerequisites for building up to taking the Templar advance.

17-03-2012, 12:42
^ That, we call this specialization "the Jedi" in our gaming group. Well, I do, at least. For armor, I'd say eventually get the heaviest you can carry - perhaps outside of power armor. A good-quality mesh could be quite nice. For a weapon, nothing wrong with a good-quality force sword, although the Templar Calix doesn't exactly have a very high maximum psyker rating - I think it caps at 4, essentially.

Actually, no, one thing does... but it's rogue trader material, is darn hard to obtain, needs a bit of GM fiat for the psyker to master it, needs an exotic weapon training, AND there's a spelling mistake in the book (because it sure doesn't weigh 40 kilograms). Oh, and you can get in trouble with the Boss over it. It's the witchblade, btw (Rogue Trader - Lure of the Expanse) - you can probably imagine some of the issues. But hey, if you can get one and wield it at 100 %, it's kinda hard to top.

17-03-2012, 18:19
hmm thanks this is really helpful. what about psychic powers in general which should i take?