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17-03-2012, 09:25
Ok, I'm struggling at 1500 points. I'm trying to build a decent, balanced list with the minimum of what I need. Here's what I've got (I've added what each one does as I know alot of you might not be familiar with my beastman book):


GBS, Lv4, talisman of pres (5+ ward), Steel claws, jagged dagger, Dispel scroll - shadow 335

Steel claws allow an additionl D3 attack, if I roll a 6 then these all ignore armour saves. The jagged dagger allows me to take casualties caused by the shamen and use them as power dice in the magic phase


Wargor Bsb 206 build

2+ armour save with the beast banner, granting the entire unit+1 strength. Also has a great weapon. This is what the beast man community calls the ď206 buildĒ as itís basically the only way to roll with beastmen

Bray, Lv1, beasts, Crown of command, AHW - 111


45 Gor, AHW,FC


30 bestigor, FC, Banner of discpline


So, I'm aware this is a small army, but hear me out

The GBS is a power dice making machine. The first few turns however I may struggle with magic, but once he hits combat i'll hopefully be churning some chaff and making power dice.

I'm aware the ideal for this list is to have hat of command on the GBS, but point limits prohibit this if I want to keep steel claws (and I love steel claws)- Thus he's on the unassuming bray shamen. If he gets challenged he'll pitch to the back of the bestigor, and be safe from any combat. Bestigors ar ld8, have to use their own leadership not the generals, (so if the generals doom and darkened it doesn't ruin my entire army) and stubborn to boot. If my generals leadership does get nerfed, then I can hopefully teleport him away into the bestigor unit where he canít do any harm, and the beastmen hoard is down to leadership 7, but at least stubborn if the lv1 shamen swaps places.

I'm tempted to give the Bray channeling rod as well, to improve my chances of extra dispel dice. I know the scrolls isnt ideal on the GBS, but if theres a big dispel i need to get off I'll have to scroll that first and hope the level 4 can handle any others himself, as if I fail my level 4 dispel attempt I cant scroll anything after that.
So leadership and magic are both weaknesses. But hopefully these can be somewhat lessened by this setup. Keep everything close together (within 18in). Iím aware itís only two big units and a pig, but thereíll all be a pain to get rid of.
What else to change?
Drop the equivelant of 10 gors and take a chariot (a core choice). Drop 5 gor and 3 bestigor. This gives me an extra hard hitting chaff unit which can either hunt machines or protect my flank by smashing theres.
Drop 5 gor, swap for 5 ungor raiders armed with short bows, net profit of 10 points to spend elsewhere. Donít really like this option.

Also thought about putting a magic weapon on the level 1, to deal with ethereal, but couldnt be bothered. Heroes and lords are already soaking up enough points. I may give him shrieking, on the off chance of scaring something, but more to stop fear being a problem for me.


17-03-2012, 09:47
I think everyone struggles below 2000pts, i dont know much about how beastmen play but here is someone that does: http://www.youtube.com/user/OnceBitten360?ob=0&feature=results_main