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17-03-2012, 20:17
So, looking through the Bret rumor thread has me questioning army populations and local areas.

I'm traditionally from the pacific northwest region of the united states and up there I very rarely saw Empire being played, but I saw Skaven, Bretonnia, Vampire Counts, High Elves, Dark Elves and Warriors of Chaos being played the most with a huge emphasis on Bretonnia and High Elves.

The rare armies were Dwarves, Ogre Kingdoms, Tomb Kings and Empire with Empire being the most rare.

Do you find a particular army being played the most in your area? Are there armies that you rarely or never see?

17-03-2012, 21:10
over here in the UK we tend to get a lot of warriors of chaos and empire players but see very few brets and beastmen. The last event i went to had around 60 players and i was the only one using beastmen.

17-03-2012, 21:11
Alot of Skaven in our area

Alot of Ogres

Alot of Lizards

For fanatsy, worcester is very interesting. We live in a state of permement tournamnet training. Every November and May, the Worcester store runs a trip/team up to teh Throne of Skulls Doubles. Thus, many people own many armies, with varying degrees of competativness. thus, many people have multiple armies, and cycle through them on a 6-month basis.

But still, the ones I mentioned are the most popular.


Evil Hypnotist
17-03-2012, 22:22
My club has a nice mix of armies, almost one of everything (except Wood Elves), with Dwarfs and Skaven the most numerous.

Duke Ramulots
17-03-2012, 22:27
In my area there are only two people that play bretonnians that im aware of(and the other guy never shows up), the rest of the people play chaos of some sort or skaven with a few dwarfs here and there.

18-03-2012, 21:08
Northern Sweden is very Fantasy heavy. The rarer armies are Beastmen, Empire and Tomb Kings. The most common is by far Skaven. Among the others it's more or less even.