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17-03-2012, 23:27
Slaughtermaster Level 4, Dispel Scroll
Butcher level 2 Maw
Bruiser BSB

10 Gnoblar Trappers, musician (I needed 5 more points for core)
10 Gnoblar Trappers
11 Ironguts, Stnd of Disc, FC (Slaughtermaster goes here in 4x3 formation)
2x Ironblaster
2x 1 Sabertusk
8 Leadbelchers, Bellower
8 Maneaters, 5 with Brace of Pistols, FC with Champion having Greatweapon, Banner of Swiftness, Sniper and Swiftstride
I have 26 pts leftover.

I have just gotten back into fantasy (Well I have always had the rulebook and models but no one to play with, we have now moved and I have been playing weekly) after years of strictly playing 40k. I picked up ogres as I am getting older (unfortunately lots older) and with demands on my time from kids and it is getting harder for me to see and paint, I thought ogres would be a good fit. I have played SW since the 90's so I guess this is more of a SW countercharge list than a run down your throat style list. I shoot a good bit, drop comets and chain lightning spells, redirect units then charge what is left. Although alot of people balk at the slow speed of gnoblars, I think they work fine in this list, I am content to slowly advance, while the gnoblars can run out in front. The cats go on the flanks. I have had good success with this list, but recently dropped my 4 mournfang and 3 maneaters for a much larger maneater unit. My thought was the mournfang really didnt fit in this list. Their ld is not that high and they need to stay somewhere around the general which in this list means they hang back and it seems they dont do much. Enter the maneaters who can shoot while they wait and can even get lucky and sniper bsbs or characters. They almost have the speed of mournfangs (7 compared to 8) have swiftstride but lack the d3 impact hits unless they get lucky. However, they can stand and shoot, and have a higher intiative and more attacks. Obviously my characters have very little in the way of magic items. Last game I had more, but didnt even use my point of toughness or my powerscroll (in addition to my BSB crown of command). I have several questions-

1. Should I try and get a gorger in. If I am fighting Empire or Dwarves or even High Elves, (whose wizards might hang back) it would be nice to have a unit attack from the flank or push some units forward. If so, what do I drop?

2. I was planning on putting the BSB and Butcher in the Maneater unit to beef up the size and hopefully throw regen or +1 toughness on the unit. However, I lose swiftstride if I do this. If I lose swiftstride, I might as well, drop the +1 move banner and take the Dragohide banner and stubborn. Would this be preferrable? I envisioned the maneaters to be able to run up and get long charges, or even flee from attacks, then shoot the following turn (really taking advantage of their sniper- so you arent in long range). Again, losing the banner and swiftstride means I cant do this, but it doesnt make sense to just lump in my bsb and butcher with the ironguts, they just dont seem to need the support and I think the Maneaters will be targetted early and often. I do like the pistols on them, even if it is just to take a rank off a horde unit or (almost more importantly) to snipe redirectors- like 5 warhounds- that get close to my lines. It is a huge waste to throw 8 leadbelcher shots into such a unit or an ironblaster when 10 ogre pistol shots should be enough to disrupt the unit.

You thoughts would be appreciated.

18-03-2012, 17:41
drop musician on the gnobs and stick a look out gnob on the ironguts if the SM is going there..

a 3rd cat and 4 points left over into the maneaters.. ahw/ironfist

18-03-2012, 18:06
sorry double posted... serious lag when posting

18-03-2012, 20:39
Sorry, I do have a lookout gnoblar in the Ironguts units (I didnt list it), so I have to keep the musician (which isnt a bad thing really to help them rally after a unit breaks them) it might even be worthwhile to stick a musician in the other unit.

What are your thoughts on the ME unit. Do I keep swiftstride/sniper, or swap to stubborn and sniper and include the bsb and butcher? ( Iwas going to run them 5 wide so the BSB abd Butcher wont hurt my shooting (I would have 2 in the front rank and 3 in the back that could shoot). I guess I could split the unit into a 5 and 3, giving the 3 man unit, stubborn and swiftstride and the 5 man unit stubborn and sniper, all with brace of pistols?