View Full Version : skrag the slaughterer (Ogre Kingdom list)

18-03-2012, 04:34
I"m trying to start Skrag the Slaughterer list and I have a few questions. (2000pt armylist)

1. - Can Skrag join unit of Bulls or Ironguts? I know the base is different, but still. If so, he will count as extra rank of Ogre on the Ogre charge for Strength 6?

Here is my list, please comment and help.

Buriser BSB - Great weapon, Armour of silvered steel Join Bull
Firebelly - dispellscroll, Great weapon, Ironcurse Icon, Seed of rebirth Join Ironguts
7 Bulls FC / ironfist
7 Ironguts fC / standard of Discipline
3 maneaters - brace pistols, heavy armor, Dragon hide banner (scout and stubborn)
2 sabretusk
2 Gorger

1999 total.

I feel the list is weak and I want more Gorger, but not sure where to get points. help?

24-04-2012, 16:44
Skrag can join the flank of the unit but I don't think is counted when working out rank bonus etc. Count him as an individual model. I'd not take Gorgers personally and bulk up Ironguts and Bulls to 9/10 models. If you want Gorgers then maybe get rid of the Maneaters and take another gorger and sabretusk.

At 2000pts I would only have one unit of about 12 Ironguts and have 2 Ironblasters, and a unit of Mournfangs with the Dragonhide Banner.

Give the Firebelly the 'Hellheart' and Lore of Fire maybe. Skrag with Lore of the Great Maw? :D