View Full Version : Etc old blood slann build

18-03-2012, 14:04
Going with slann, becalming, cupped hands, shadow, bsb, 345
Old blood can fit! 255 points give me 110 points... Cold one for sure... So 90.
Items I am thinking of: sword of bloodshed/strife, enchanted shield, potion of strength, pirhana blade, banehead, glittering scales, spitballing here...

18-03-2012, 16:06
Shield, dawnstone, helm of command. Run the old blood solo on coldone of course

18-03-2012, 16:55
Just like an immovable tarpitter? I love it... How about a weapon though seeing as that adds up to charmed shield, dawnstone, command, 85 points... 25 left. ASFs sword or burning blade or sword of might?

18-03-2012, 17:06
Yea a great tarpitter. I always take a great sword. But burning blade would be awesome if your meta runs heavy regen lists. If you're facing a more elite meta.

18-03-2012, 17:25
Gw sounds good, but shield is less useful then and my meta is really heavy on regen and 2up armor (although gw would help that as well). Also ethereals would be nicely dealt with this dude... Wish he had 9 leadership....

18-03-2012, 17:48
Yea flaming blade is the bet choice here. I was thinking about it. When he's not bush tarpitting.. He can surprise charge and help deal with pesky ethereal and regen critters. The armor piercing special rule is pretty good on it too.. Leader ship nine would just be dumb haha

18-03-2012, 18:04
With etc nerfing magic so much... Beasts looks tempting, love to give this guy +3 str, +3 attacks... At that point asf sword would be much better...

19-03-2012, 07:29
I've thought beasts was good anyway. A mobile bolt thrower in the form of a preist with cloak of feathers. Thank you.