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18-03-2012, 23:02
If any of the "stone thrower" type warmachines hit a character with a mount such as a Dragon, Gryphon, Wyvern - Does the larger strength of the WM apply to both the rider and the mount or do you randomly determine which one gets the higher strength hit.

Expanding on that to a Stegadon with crew; Does the larger strength hit then also apply to all the crew and the Stegadon (including a Skink Character if applicable)...

Just wanting to know how this is addressed now. A lot lazy here and I'm not wanting to peruse the BRB for 1/2 hour looking for the mutilated answer(s).

I know that a cannon hits all things in a model at S10 but not sure how the Stone Thrower type WM's apply here.

Many thanks for any quick answers.

18-03-2012, 23:06
The stone thrower rules do actually cover this.

18-03-2012, 23:09
Could you elaborate and just spell the short answer for me. Even a page number would help with the exact paragraph would suffice...

Many thanks.

18-03-2012, 23:32
Nope :evilgrin:

19-03-2012, 00:40
Page 113 is cannons so it is near there, I am 90% sure it is only models under the hole are multi wound.

19-03-2012, 01:15
Randomise between character and mount if both are under the central hole.

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