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Brother Malleus
18-03-2012, 23:13
Ok so my girlfriend finally wants to get into Warhammer after seeing some high elves painted in the local GW, I managed to pick up an IoB set for cheap and have begun to convert the Griffon into a giant eagle by clipping off the prince rider and filling in the hole with green stuff

Anyway onto the list, we're both planning on taking part in an expansion league and I need a little help, I am not used to High Elves so not entirely sure whether the army below is any good or not, the one thing that worries me is the lack of the BSB.

Mage - 175
Level 2, Seerstaff, Talisman of Protection

Seaguard - 277
19, Mus, Std, Standard of Discipline

Swordmaster - 168
10, Bladelord

White Lions - 330
20, FC

Eagle - 50

1000 points on the nose, the Mage goes in the Seaguard and has an offensive flankers of the White Lions and defensive flankers of the Swordmasters who'll hold back to counter-charge whatever gets too close to the mage and the seaguard. The eagle does what they do best warmachine hunting and skirmisher pestering. I'm not sure whether the BSB would be needed and with such expensive troops I am not sure what to drop to fit one in if required.

So yes, please help me out with writing this list.

C&C encouraged.

18-03-2012, 23:57
Hi, not a bad list. My question is how easily can you get more models/change this list? It's not bad for a beginner but if you want to make it more competitive these are the changes i would make:
-Big units are king in 8th edition, keeping this in mind i would be inclined to take adleast 30 seaguard in one unit.
-Swordmasters are probably one of the best units the high elves have to offer, a unit of 20 would be ideal here.
-Drop white lions for more sea guard/swordmasters.
-(Eagle) good, very point effective unit.
You can't do much about a BSB without being in danger of being overloaded with expensive hero choices at low points in a HE army.
Also what lore is your Mage taking? and what do you hope to achieve with him? Also I'm not sure about Talisman of protection on this guy. (if you're worried about him dying have him run behind the block of Seaguard). Chances are he will die in combat +4 ward or not sitting in the front rank of a unit.
Hope this helps any.

19-03-2012, 00:16
High elves are the easiest of the elves to play, but still a challenge for newer players... Ask yourself how you would deal with the nastier stuff out there..

lvl2 lich
6 chariots
10 archers
2 warsphinx w/fiery breath

or a big fat horde of ogres with a chariot cannon..

a horde of khorne warriors with a couple units of khorne chaos knights and khorne maurader horsemen with flails..

My good buddy recently started playing dark elves and high elves and is learning these lessons the hard way..

I would make the seaguard plain old archers and use the left over points to beef up your special blocks... Fatten up your blocks...T3 and relatively no armour cannot really afford to take casualties from superior shooting and impact hits...