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19-03-2012, 05:31
Hello everyone. I have played Fantasy for a few years and recently I have just been able to look over the new Tamurkhan forgeworld book and after seeing the Chaos Dwarfs I have been sold on eventually getting an army of these bad boys. Now I have been told I am allowed to run these guys in GW tournaments (such as Ard Boyz) but if anyone thinks or knows otherwise then let me know, because if thats the case then why even bother creating it?

Anyways this is a first attempt at putting together a list of these guys and I am willing to put the money out for the models (as thanks to my tax return and the selling of some old armies) I will have enough to buy a few things to get me started. This is a first attempt (liable to change once I start play testing some things) any thoughts, ideas or comments are welcome and thanks for reading and helping a newbie out Guys!


*w/ Lvl. 4, Lore of Hashut, The Mask of the Furnace, Blood of Hashut

*w/ Lvl. 1, Lore of Fire, Dispel Scroll

*w/ Lvl. 1, Lore of Fire

-Infernal Castellan BSB
*w/ Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Preservation, Biting Blade

CORE: 1130pts.

-x29 Infernal Guard (*Sorcerer-Prophet Here*)
*w/ Full Command, Banner of eternal Flame

-x29 Infernal Guard (*BSB Here*)
*w/ Full Command

-x10 Infernal Guard (*Demonsmith Here*)
*w/ Hailshot Blunderbusses

-x10 Infernal Guard (*Demonsmith Here*)
*w/ Hailshot Blunderbusses

SPECIAL: 430pts.

-Magma Cannon
*w/ Hellbound

-Magma Cannon
*w/ Hellbound

RARE: 650pts.

-K'daai Destroyer

-K'daai Destroyer



-Level 4 on foot will cast spells from the Lore of Hashut, will admit I am banking on getting the Ash Storm and Flames of Argorh spells in particular to do alot of damage to opponents. He has a 3+ armor save and a 4+ ward, along with the blood of Hashut to bring the pain on some un-suspecting character in combat.

-Same build with my Demonsmiths (know taking two may be overkill but they are there for the re-roll on my warmachines mainly) with the one dispel scroll to protect units against super spells like dwellers, pit of shades, ect. The BSB has a 2+ armor save, a 4+ ward and a S4 -2 to armor weapon.

-Not a whole lot of infantry (reminds me of when I played High Elves), am running two blocks of thirty guys (after characters join) with Hand weapon and shield to give them staying power along with two smaller units of blunderbusses whose job is to camp in front of the cannons and with the Demonsmith protect them from getting destroyed. (*Note am considering dropping these guys for fireglaives instead or even just putting their points into the thirty man units of infernal guard.*)

-x2 Magma Cannons to barrage opponents with and weaken up horde lists in particular, both will get a re-roll thanks to demon smith to help make sure they stay alive and with hellbound to make them magical attacks and tougher.

-The big, scary part of this list...x2 K'daai destroyers!! These massive monsters job is to be the offensive/counter attack power of my list by either running both of them up a flank or even right next to each other against a particular nasty unit in my sights. (*Note another thing I am thinking of changing by dropping one of them to add to my infantry or even drop both and spam more infantry/cannons*).

Asuryan's Spear
19-03-2012, 17:29
the list looks solid. only query i'd have with it is the hailshot blunderbuss. if they're sitting back they'll attract every missile out there. at only 12" range theyre epensive and easy points for your opponent. to be honest i would give them fireglaives and play them defensive. at least that way they'll get two rounds of shooting before theyre charged. this is a bit of a personal thing, there is nothing wrong with the magma cannon, but i woud love to try a Quake mortar. they look amazing against hordes.whatever you do hold on to those destroyers! they were amazing in my first game! they are one of the best things in the CD army.

20-03-2012, 08:47
some advice:

-group the 2 units of blunderbusses into 1 unit of 20, the benefits are worth it. give them the flaming banner. you also save a few points from losing 1 fc.
-take the daemonsmiths out of the units, keep them near to a magma cannon, split the magma cannons up, the smiths will be safe as they get 'look out sir' when within 3" of the warmachines
-drop blood of hashut and take a healing potion, you can be less afraid of wounds and miscasts with it

with those changes its exactly what i would take at 3k