View Full Version : 2500pts Shooting challenge Dwarfs vs Empire

19-03-2012, 15:28
Oke normaly i am not that a big van Fan of a shooting army list but then again i can't resist a challenge

i wil be playing against an empire list the rules are simpel only ranged units (Quarrelers and thunderers and al the Warmachines )

this is my list

RL with AoD
MRoGromil RoResistance MRoBalance

Master engineer

Master engineer


10x Quarrelers + shield
10 x Quarrlers + shield
10 x Quarrlers + shield
10 x thunderers + shield
10 x thunderers + shield

Cannon RoForging Roburning
Cannon RoForging RoReloading
Cannon RoForging
GRudge thrower RoAcc Ropen Ropen + engineer
GRudge thrower RoAcc Ropen Roburning + engineer
GRudge thrower RoAcc Ropen + engineer
BoltThrower + engi
BoltThrower + engi
BoltThrower + engi
BoltThrower + engi
BoltThrower + engi
Organ gun
ORgan gun

The Battle it self is a mix from Battle for the pass and heroic last stand.
the We play from the short table edge and his mission is to get a core unit of at least 20 models on my edge.
My mission is to delay that as long as possible . form turn 1 to turn 3 its a heroic loss for me turn 4 til 5 decisive loss 6 til 8 Draw 9 til 10 victory 11+ impossible i think:P but a decisive victory. He may replace any core unit he has lost and the come on his table edge as reinforcments. his starting points are 2500 too. he thinks he wil wipe me in turn 3 .

And because i do not like to lose that fast i want some feed back on my list.
My tactic. Master engineer close to Gt and the other Close to Cannons.
Rune lord with AoD on one side Guarde by an OG and a Quarrelers Group. The other flank wil have another OG and 1 Quarrelers the rest in the middel
i have te shields on them for some extra save and put the engineers in for extra wounds and for the BT BS.

Please let me know if this is do able

Asuryan's Spear
19-03-2012, 17:22
expect at least 2 captains on pegasi. maybe a few pistoliers and hunters. if he has sense he'll deploy most units 2 deep to minimise cannon damage

19-03-2012, 19:06
Less bolt throwers, more thunderers maybe? I think they'll do more damage for the points against anything but heavy cav, and you have the organ guns for shooting them.

19-03-2012, 20:31
Make sure you guard against huntsmen in the rear. They can be fielded 20 strong and have scout. This is potentially an auto lose for you. As such you can cover the back edge with cannons without too much trouble. Just make sure there isn't any point along your back line that is more then 12 inches from a cannon. That aside, this is going to be a warmachine dual to start with, cannons on cannons and grudge throwers on...cannons... After that you are at liberty to pelt his troops. What will the bolt throwers be shooting at till then? I'd suggest dropping all of the bolt throwers and field more crossbowmen/thunderers. You could get tricky with a unit of scouts with great weapons and throwing axes/crossbows. It would give you a rather nasty combat unit up close that he would have to deal with. It'd even be agile with the AoD moving it around.