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Spiney Norman
19-03-2012, 17:43
I've been getting a little bored of my standard Slann list so decided to take a punt on a dragon isle theme (no Slann), and here's what I came up with, all comments and suggestions welcome, but no Slann.

I went for a bit of a monster mash theme, cut fairly close to the core requirement and pack in as many dinosaurs as I could, I think 3 stegadons and a carnosaur ought to present enough concerning targets to give most opponents pause, and the lord is totally badass given how many attacks he can dish out (8 S5, 5 S7 and D6 S7 thunderstomp)

Deployment will be something alone the lines of Engine of the gods in midfield, flanked on both sides by a Saurus block, run the carnosaur and Stegadon on one flank then post the ancient with the salamanders on the other with the chameleons hunting war machines.

Army size: 2500

Saurus Old blood
Shield, carnosaur, sword of bloodshed, glittering scales, potion of foolhardiness, Luckstone

Skink priest
Level 2, Stegadon ancient with Engine of the gods, plaque of tepok, dragonfly of quicksilver

Core units
30 Saurus warriors
Spears & full command

30 Saurus warriors
Full command

Special units
6 Chameleon skinks
6 Chameleon skinks

Rare units
Stegadon Ancient
3 Salamander hunting packs

28-03-2012, 20:14
You might want to try to play without sauruswarriors altogether, since all your Monsters are way faster than your saurus. Skink regiments (with kroxigors) could keep up in terms of movementspeed. (Yeah i know, they tend to die pretty fast and don't do as much damage) I really think it would be disadvantageous to have your big blocks lagging behind a turn when it comes to getting into close combat (and your list looks pretty close-combat oriented to me).

29-03-2012, 01:42
You could get a bit boned if the other players go magic nasty eg. DE with the works, Teclis, other Lv4 slaan etc. Sounds like a fun list though. Make sure you get into CC fast. Some terradons sure wouldn't hurt vs warmachines though the chameleons might be enough. Good luck and write a batrep plz ;)

29-03-2012, 12:16
Do you know what, that list could really do with a Sla... only kidding :D

I like the list a lot - I would be very tempted to run something similar, but, although it's probably less optimal I'd run skirmishers and Skrox for core and then as big a unit of cold one riders as I could afford (might mean sacrificing one steg, I haven't done the points), that way the whole list will have M6+.