View Full Version : Armorcast Titan replacement parts? May need help finding a good 3D printing service

19-03-2012, 20:24
In my haste yesterday I forgot to lockt he door to my hobby room. While my wife was busy with a newborn my 2 year-old daughter decided to play with one of my armorcast Reaver Titans. Needless to say, it didn't end well.

I have managed to salvage a majority of the titan, but need a few replacement parts. Finding someone with extra parts is almost impossible, so I think I may need to try an alternative. Perhaps having a 3D printing service print some parts for me? If so what is a good one to try?

19-03-2012, 20:28
depending on what is needed why not just recast up parts?

19-03-2012, 20:36
I was thinking of that, however, recasting is looked down upon in the community. I know it's just to repare what broke, and I'm not making a profit, but I'm still a little hesitant to do it. The other problem is that my daughter broke the feet and shins of the Reaver, which when glued together makes recasting it a bit harder.

19-03-2012, 21:41
er surely having copies made up by a 3D printer is no different to re-casting. Anyway, as you say it's your model, and you're not doing it for profit just to repair a classic long oop model, you would get congratulated for your efforts not scorned!

19-03-2012, 21:52
Well, in that case does anyone know anyone with casting skills that could give me a pointer or two?

19-03-2012, 21:57
Its pretty easy. Plenty of guides on you tube and the net. Google brings up plenty. Though I do wonder. If the damage has been re-glued then why the need to get re-casts of them?

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19-03-2012, 21:59
It is broken in such a way that it would never hold up to the strain of supporting the titan for very long. Also, I have a couple other reavers I could use to duplicate.

20-03-2012, 16:12
Actually I can prolly help here. I had a very similar issue a while ago.

The answer is to pin them.

I not only had a couple of the toes break off ( due to an overzealous inquisitive 2 year. It's always the 2 year olds isn't it?) I had to put one of the shoulder sockets back on, which had broken at the join to the body. I pinned all them with some rod (I can't remember for the life of me what thickness I used, but it was fairly thick)

I haven't had any issues with the toes not holding the model's weight nor the shoulder not holding the weight of the weapons.