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19-03-2012, 20:50
So. As for a hammer unit deathstar or any unit for that matter.. At a 2,000 pt. Level.. What is the max amount of points one should spend on a single unit(including characters) I play lizardmen.. So fielding my slann and temple gaurs at 2,000 Pts. Would take up around 500 pts.. At this low a level of gaming.. Is this pt sink redundant and asking for a failure?

19-03-2012, 21:40
At 2000pts there is still alot of things that can destroy that unit easily, but i think it would do pretty well in most games. For 2000pts lizardmen i have gone the complete opposite direction, multiple small units in a skirmisher army. Its just a valid tactic as clumping your points in large units.

LawL LawL
20-03-2012, 19:07
In my opinion having tactical flexibility with numerous units always wins out against creating a smaller number of expensive power-house units. I've played Orcs and Goblins for many years now and my regular opponent fields Ogre Kingdoms, so the battle is really the polar opposites of the quantity-quality spectrum. Also, depending on the amount of terrain you play with, the composition of the armies, and the tactics of the players, cheap drop-units are generally worth fielding. This is both for delaying deployment of some other units (possibly units with very specific application meant to be deployed opposite to a specific opposing unit) and, later in the game, these drops tend to be decent baiting units or speed bumps.

Lately I've begun with Warriors of Chaos, though playing with a fairly biased tactical manual from my time with Orcs and Goblins. I'm still sticking to the tried-and-tested tactical flexibility over flat-out killing power, and so far the end result in games has been similar, with half a dozen units of Marauders and Warhounds each clocking in at under 80pts I'm able to roughly replicate Orcs and Goblins play-style, with slightly more killing power from the Warriors of Chaos list.

Oh btw, new to the forums, and I'm planning on making a thread open to vigorous and sustained critique, in order to iron out my Warriors of Chaos tactics and army list, feel free to drop by and shoot my plans full of holes! :D