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20-03-2012, 16:12
A list based on this discussion CHAAAARGE (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?336555-Beastmen-Chariot-Horde)

1 Beastlord, General, Shield, Horn of the Great Hunt, Brass Cleaver, Gambler's Armour, Razorgor Chariot

1 Bray Shaman, Magic Level 1, Hunting Spear, Razorgor Chariot
1 Bray Shaman, Magic Level 1; Braystaff, Skin of Man, Channeling Staff, Seeds of Rebirth, Razorgor Chariot

7 Ungor Raiders, Musician x4
Tuskgor Chariot x8

Razorgor Chariot x3

5 Razorgors (can be swaped for 3 squads of harpies, I just like the crazy looking models, yes I said it I like the models :evilgrin: )

Ghorgon x2

Total Army Cost: 3000

tell me what you think ( I am feeling crazy hence why 2 insane lists )

20-03-2012, 20:54
A few changes I would make. Un-mount your bray shaman drop 2 razorgors and add a chariot bsb with Charmed shield, 4+wardsave. Drop horn of the great hunt and get crown of command, you don't want your general running off and being run down. give one of your shaman chalice of dark rain, and the other the herdstone. Cut your lord down to 80 points of magic gear and get a Great bray shaman with skin of man and gnarled hide, give him shadow or death and only charge him at warmachines and soft bunkers of archers and the like after you miasma them, or death snipe charge wizards. Use the extra points for another unit of ungor and two units of harpies.