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20-03-2012, 17:24
Im an avid fantasy player, who played 40k in 4th ed. Im getting back into 40K now and was wondering what the power lists were in 40k to watch out for.

20-03-2012, 17:30
Grey Knights, Blood Angels, Space Wolves.

20-03-2012, 17:33
the general consensus is that Imperial guard, Blood Angels, Space Wolves, And Grey Knights are the Top armys and usually its just a mech army with some thing spammed
Vets for guards, assault squads for Blood angels, etc.

The MensaVirus
21-03-2012, 09:33
4oK has a lot of the powerful armies out right now that can cause things to be a bit unbalanced. Some of the armies are incredibly dangerous and have an edge over others. Grey Knights in general, Tau Broadside/Fire Warrior Spam armies, Blood Angels Heavy Assault companies, Necrons and some of those more unusual designed armies. In short, the later releases are a bit nastier than some of the older books (poor Dark Angels) but almost every army has several ways of forming hyper power lists.

21-03-2012, 16:09
This is at optimised tournament level. At a club level, anything can be nasty, if played by a decent commander, but assuming equal player skill, and without outrageous luck, weird restrictions, etc, the following is about right.
In general, the most powerful lists are Guard, Space wolves, Blood angels, and especially, Grey knights. They can all generate a couple of different patterns of very powerful lists. Expect them to be heavily mechanised at a top level.

Dark Eldar excel at killing marines of various flavours. This means they can be very strong tournament armies, however they tend to suffer badly when they meet Guard ones. They're scissors, which cut Paper marines, but The Guard are rocks...

Eldar, Other marines, Chaos marines, Orks all have strong builds, but not as many or as strong as the top 4.

I'm not sure on Necrons, as they're still rather new. Tentatively place them in this middle rank.

Rarer forces.
Daemons are very random, and unlikely to do well as a result
Tyranids suffer from a lack of anti-tank, and some daft FAQs. Expect to see few.
Tau suffer from their age. Everything is expensive, and they have poor troops.
Sisters of battle. Very rare, Not strong.