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21-03-2012, 19:03
Hey guys,

My buddies and I have frequently playing games on universal battle, and we are loving the game. But with only three players total, we are finding our play group kinda limited. We are looking for a couple of players to join us in online play!

We are a easy-going, fun loving group, who enjoys the game for what it is. We are not WAAC gamers, we just wanna sit back and play toy soldiers. We are rather new to the game, so our grasp on all the rules are not super concrete, but we are quick learners. We are from the east USA (Florida), and if any body with time zones that remotely match up want to join us, just let me know!

Currently we are just playing practice games to test armies and get a grip on the rules, but we plan on running campaigns if we acquire enough players in our group. If you are a relaxed person who loves the game and wants a couple of people to play with, just hit me up.

Its preferable that you have a mic, Voice Chat is key in simplifying the gaming process.

Look forward to hearing from you!

21-03-2012, 19:16
i'm on there often so i'd be up for playing some games my username is m schaff

21-03-2012, 19:23
Good to know, man! Do you have Mumble? Its a VOIP program, I run a gaming community so we have a rather large server. It'd be nice to be able to communicate freely during our matches.

21-03-2012, 20:18
Nice. Good luck! =)

21-03-2012, 20:23
Thank you sir!

21-03-2012, 20:54
I may have to join in in a a month or so once I've got some freetime, would be nice to talk to people about Warhammer (also new)

21-03-2012, 20:59
Awesome, Fox! We will be here. PM me, and I will give you my email or skype information so we can easily stay in contact!

The Low King
21-03-2012, 21:26
Currently running an Online Blood in the Badlands based campaign, using Battle Chronicler and Universal Battles depending on your preference.

Forums we created if you want to have a looksie (you should be able to see it all):

22-03-2012, 02:48
This is a pretty well put together campaign group. I'll have to look at Universal Battles.

22-03-2012, 08:15
Sorry I don't have any mics or anything to speak but this is my email adress. mschaff04@gmail.com

22-03-2012, 18:25
I play on Universal Battle off and on. Guess what my login is. Would I be correct in assuming your play mostly evenings Eastern time?

22-03-2012, 18:49
I play fairly regularly. I usually do not use a mic, but I could possibly arrange to get one. My username on there is Arli.

22-03-2012, 22:54
Good to know! Arli, if you could throw me your email in a PM, that'd be great. I am going to try and set up a game or two in the next couple of days, I will email you the info!

@Mercules: Yeah Merc, you are correct, I am a waiter so I work most nights so its either kinda late or during the day. On my days off I just kinda chill unless I need to run errands or have a date night with my Girl.

23-03-2012, 12:27
I would love to play fantasy online. My availability is a bit odd due to time differences and work schedule though. Would love to play a game rather than just paint and day dream about playing.

23-03-2012, 18:08
Nerzuhl, hit me up sir. We will try and work everything out. I am about to go to work, but I will start making a forum tonight. I will post the info here and we will see what happens!

24-03-2012, 17:45
That site actually looks really interesting! I've been messing around on it a little bit and the interface seems a bit clunky unfortunately which is a pity.