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Lord Squidar
22-03-2012, 09:24
Hijacked this idea from the 40K subforums (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?336602-Introduce-your-general), its pretty cool and I think we should get some interesting answers!

Just fill in the details and others can see who leads your noble warriors or evil marauders into battle!

Most notable victory/achievement:

So here is mine;

Name/Rank: Grey Seer Skitrik

Wargear: Talisman of Protection, various warpscrolls and a secret stash of warpstone tokens!

Bio: Skitrik is a notoriously cunning Grey Seer who rose through the ranks with more than a few betrayals and backstabbings. His last act of cunning saw him obliterate his arch-rival, Grey Seer Pipsqueek in a magical duel. Of course the duel took place after midnight and Pipsqueek was sleeping at the time, but it still counts! Skitrik has currently been tasked by the Council of 13 to lead an invasion force into the Moot, in the hopes that the loss of the major food producing centre will destabilise the Empire, with the added benefit of delicious halfling meat to gnaw on. Skitrik has "recruited" the aid of Clan Gritus, an old rival of Clan Mors, under very suspicious circumstances. Some whisper in dark places that the invasion might fail altogether, leaving Mors down one competitor and Skitrik well in their favour. A dangerous gamble to make indeed...

Most notable victory/achievement: Finally beating and eating Brettonian Arch Nemesis Baron de Lindsay of L'Anguille at the Battle of D'urban

Quote: "Stunted slime-puke, I will disintegrate you and refill my snuff-pouch should you ever fail-betray me again!" Skitrik to an unnamed claw leader.

22-03-2012, 09:43
Name/Rank: Sorceror Lord Vladmir The Death Reaper
Wargear: Spell Familiar Talisman Of Presevation Enchanted Shield
Bio: Vladmir was the first born son of Marissa Hashlock, just like his mother he is a natural wizard however half way through his training he fell to chaos. He fled to the chaos wastes with his mother and 2 younger brothers who continued to train him. This was 260 years ago and since then he has become a extremely powerful wizard who chanels the full power of death magic.
Most notable victory/achievement: Holding back a army of orcs with a single spell and draining them of their life force.
Quote: every race shall fall to me and i shall lead the hordes of chaos to victory over the lesser races

Corvus Corone
22-03-2012, 11:39
Ah this is cool! Some great intros so far. I have to chip in...

Name/Rank: Izanami, she who Invites (vampire lord)

Wargear: Sword of strife, heavy armor, nightshroud, enchanted shield, seed of rebirth, red fury, beguile, quickblood

Bio: A fantastically beautiful maiden from Nippon, Inazami's father, a wealthy merchant, was murdered by the arrogant son of an empire nobleman. *Swearing vengeance, Inazami set out to travel across the world to find the man who killed her father and end his life. Immaculately skilled with Nipponese blades and possessed of breath-taking charisma and beauty, as well as not inconsiderable wealth, Inazami travelled with merchant caravans, bands of mercenaries and many others. Finally nearing her destination of the Empire heartlands, Inazumi's Caravan was ambushed as she travelled through Sylvania. Her companions were slain to a man by terrifyingly fast and strong creatures leading hordes of ghouls and rotting corpses, but the dark attackers took exception at her cold beauty, capturing her as their guest and taking her to their castle home. Inazumi emerged from the sylvania some weeks later, travelling with a band of dark robed, hunched wizards, her face now covered by an ivory mask, possessed of powers of strength and speed married to a lust for blood. Her mission remains the same; to slay the man who killed her father, but she is now so much more potent than any mere mortal...

Most notable victory/achievement: yet to be fielded! Still painting my awesome katana wielding vampire lord.*

Quote: *Silence - a beckoning finger that few can resist, and all that go with her are never seen again. *At least, not alive...

Evil Hypnotist
22-03-2012, 13:30
Name/Rank: "The Kurgan", Exalted Hero of Khorne

Wargear: Sword of Might, Dragonhelm, Stream of Corruption

Bio: The warrior known now as only "The Kurgan" was once a man of the Empire. The Lord of his homelands was a tyrant and secret disciple of Slaanesh who would often have his corrupted house guard kidnap his vassals in the dead of night for fatal games of passion. "The Kurgan" was one such unlucky victim, taken with his family to the Lord's temple under the manor and had his eyelids removed, forcing him to watch his wife and daughters raped and killed in an orgy of bloodlust and pain. Whilst bound and tortured the man begged for release, begged for death only to hear his cries unanswered. So he begged to someone else, anyone else, to give him the chance to kill them all, to destroy the cabal and every one like it, to fight his way to the very courtroom of Slaanesh himself and spit in his face. He offered his damaged, yet still intact, soul as the offering and the Blood God completed the pact with a smile on his lips.

Khorne ripped the unworthy emotions and thoughts from his mind, leaving only the man's madness and thirst for destruction and vengeance and gave him the strength to enact upon it. The man took his chance and tore himself free, killing the Lord and his bodyguard quickly and clinically, denying them the painful death they craved. He burnt the manor to the ground and strode out of the flames heading North, a meeting with Slaanesh on his mind and no care or memory of the family left in the flames behind him....

Most notable victory/achievement: The murder of Lord Van Shletting IV and his houseguard, the first step on the stair to Daemonhood

Quote: "When you see my face you see death, everything after will be the view from the brass Throne, from under Karnath's steel boot"

22-03-2012, 14:00
Name/Rank: Gromdal Deathhammer, dwarf lord of Karak Var

Wargear: Master Rune of Steel, Rune of resistance, Rune of stone, Master Rune of Spite, great hammer, shieldbearers.

Bio: Born in the human empire Gromdal was raised by his father to become a smith. Feared by his human comrades Gromdal soon got a name for being of the dangerous sort.

Lust for knowledge of the ancient runes sent Gromdal to the closest dwarf city. Unable to train as a runesmith due to his young age Gromdal instead joined the mining teams of Zhufbar.

Gromdal worked in the deep mines for only a few months, with rather poor results, before he grew so tired of it that he spent most of his time drinking ale and gambling. The foreman tired of Gromdal and as punishment the young dwarf was sentto be part of the guards protecting the steamdrills in the more dangerous areas.

Gromdal loved his new post and hunted gobbos and skaven alike in the deep depths. Gromdal learned to love the fear that rushed into his veins when faced with death and soon became addicted to it. It was not long before Gromdal joined the holds ironbreakers. For decades Gromdal fought in the black deeps of the hold, facing creatures that would make most have nightmares for life.

One fateful night Ungrunn Dragonbane, dwarf lord of Zhufbar, was escorted through the great Ungor Ankor by a mighty warhost of dwarfs when suddenly thousands of skaven poured forth from every side. Panic and signals for aid spread in the great underground as the dwarfs battled to survive. It took more than half a day before relief finally came and only small pockets of dwarfs had survived. In one such pocket 3 hammerers, a single ironbreaker and the king still lived. As the smoke from the thunderers cleared, Ungrunn Dragonbane spoke to the sole surviving ironbreaker that fought his way to them, asking him how many ratmen he had waded through. Gromdal had no idea but wanted to answer his king, so he started to count. Ungrunn walked beside the young dwarf and after he got over a hundred Ungrunn raised his hand and motioned the counting to be stopped. Ungrunn offered the mighty ironbreaker to join his hammerers as a champion.

For more than half a century Gromdal protected Ungrunn, earning him the name Deathhammer. During this time he was trained in the arts of the runes by the finest runesmiths in Zhufbar and slowly he made himself a great armour and helm. Today he still serves as a champion for the wise king Ungrunn and his council of elders. But a new mission has dawned. To retake the lost hold of Karak Var and the bloody road there has but started…

Most notable victory/achievement: Saving king Ungrunn Dragonbane in the great underway

Quote: To the death!

22-03-2012, 14:18
Name: Kro'Qua. Rough translation; Dead Blood.

Rank: Oldblood

Wargear: Cold One Mount. Halberd, Venom of Firefly Frog, Glittering Scales, Talisman of Preservation.

Bio: A saurus warrior of extreme age, the last surviving member of his spawning. Unlike most sauru, even those separated from the spawnkin by death, he is considered reclusive and odd. He spends most of his time alone in the jungle on the outskirts of the temple city of Kotak-Hai instead of living with the other sauru. While his behavior is strange, he is supremely loyal to his slann master Sotarkesh. Although he has little patience with skinks, which he considers annoying and weak, he tends to tolerate them for the most part. Usually. This has left him disliked and untrusted by Kotak-Hai's skink-priest council. However, his fighting skills and battle prowess are unquestionable, and in times of extreme need he is called into service to fight to protect his home.

Most notable victory/achievement: His victories are many and his defeats few. Some notable victories include defeating Queek Headtaker in a 1v1 confrontation, defeating a Warriors of Chaos War-shrine buffed Khornite Lord in single combat, beating Lohkir Fellheart and his accompanying assassin single handily, and holding off a Greater Demon of Slaanesh for 2 rounds of combat before being relieved by some cold one cavalry, destroying the monster with their combined efforts.

Quote: "..."

To read of his many adventures and more, see the battle report thread in my signature.

22-03-2012, 16:50
Name/Rank: Orc Great Shaman Blacktooth
Wargear: A wyvern and either book of Ashur or a powerstone
Bio: First bought to be Groms shaman I have ended up using Grom less, and less, making Blacktooth a common general or otherwise the power behind the throne when I can afford a warboss to lead.
Most notable victory/achievement: Keeping a stable and satisfactory performance through long years of service (quite an achievement in a greenskin army)
Quote: "Feel da powa uv Waaagh!"

22-03-2012, 17:01
Name/Rank: Racontear the Bloated, Beastlord over Gnarnia.

Wargear: Armor of destiny, Crown of Command, Great Weapon.

Bio: Racontear was just a Gor like the rest of the goatmen that roamed the road to ruin. However, one day he stumbled upon a little Nurgling that crawled in his path. He took the poor thing and ate it, right there on the spot.
He immediately started to feel ill and vomited a greenish substance that just kept coming, but for every gallon of vomit that left his body he started to bloat. In the end when he no longer had an urge to puke but now he was as big as the tallest Mangoat in the forest. But not big in the sense of a bulky physic, but more of a big in a giant balloon kind of way. His skin was also now of a greenish tint, and he didn't feel ill anymore. He would also soon find out, while conquering the different tribes of beastmen in the woods under his banner, that he did not feel pain either. Standing a head taller than other Gors, he quickly became the natural leader. Touched by the generous grand father Nurgle.

Most notable victory/achievement:
Smashed to pieces during a crushing defeat against the Warriors of Chaos and their mighty (Slaanesh-blessed) giant.

"For Gnaaaarnia!"

22-03-2012, 18:16
Name/Rank: Lord General Tallaithan (high elf prince)

Wargear: barded elven steed Darius, crown of command, dragon armor, vambraces of defense, warrior bane

Bio: one of my few characters to not have one... :-( I created him just a few months into the hobby, and did not have an appreciation for fluff and background at that point. I also never wanted to limit him to one particular region; he is simply a high elf of ulthuan.

Most notable victory/achievement: single-handedly slaughtered 6 ogre man-eaters. Also, slaying a bloodthirster after it killed his honor guard of dragon princes (made two insane courage tests in a row) for that battle, he was kitted out with temakadors gauntlets and the sword of hoeth

22-03-2012, 18:34
Name/Rank: Prince Aelin the Bastard
Wargear: Great Weapon, Vambraces of Defense, Armor of Caledor
Bio: Prince Aelin the Bastard the is neither an actual bastard nor a prince, all the other elves just really hate him because he is kind of a tool, so he became known as "the bastard." After several victories and getting kicked out of Ulthuan, he and his entourage of Caledor exiles conquered a small island off the coast of Norsca for their own. From there they drink, feast, and generally make merry. There have been many accusations that Aelin's court is inundated with Slaaneshi cultists, but these reports are largely unfounded.
Most notable victory/achievement: Taming the Star Dragon Shardydinkel-Johnson, returning alive from a panty-raid on a tower of witchelves, getting kicked out of Ulthuan, and defeating a Chapter of Space Marines
Quote: "Dude, that damsel over there is a hot skank!"

22-03-2012, 18:43
Name/Rank: Heidrick Von Hoenheim General of the Army of Nothern Talabecland
Wargear: Barded Warhorse Meister Sparkles. Dawn Armor and a Holy Relic and the finest of pistols.

Bio: Starting out in one of the most distinguished of Spearmen from Vorrshiem, Heidrick moved up the ranks from simple spear to musician to standard bearer. Winning out against herd after herd of beastmen. It wasnt until the Arrogant elves of Ulthuan dared to take the counts "Legitimate" shipment of "Acquired" books and weapons from both Saphery and the White tower of Hoeth. that Heidrick earned a spot as a Greatsword. Single handedly holding out against the Swordmasters.(my opponent was pssed a this) AS a Greatsword he won the favor of the grand master of the Knights Talabec when he led his unit to victory over a contingent of Dark Elf cosairs leading to the slaughter of the raiding force. With the backing of the Bright wizards and the knights Talabec inner circle Heidrick soon was propelled to Captaincy of the Whole of Vorrsheim. With he coming of the storm of chaos came furhter honor and Generalship of the Northern Armies of the count. Sigmars realm has never been safer and Talabecland never more prosperous. Come Choas or Middenland Heidrick will overcome

Most Notable/Acheivement: Led Greatswords to victory against 3 units of Dark Elf corsairs for 2 rounds of combat despite losing 3 ranks and being surrounded. Lasted longenough to secure a devestating Charge by my inner circle knights.

Qoute: "Were gonna fight them and they're gonna fight us but as long as we hold the cannons and mortars, were gonna kill them to teeney tiny peices."

22-03-2012, 23:37
T'char The Everseeing, Sorcerer Lord of Tzeentch

Lvl 4, Mark of Tzeentch, Disk of Tzeentch, Talisman of Preservation, Dragon Helm, Blood of Tzeentch, Third Eye of Tzeentch

T'char was a Kislevite Priest of notable reputation until his arrogance in dallying with forbidden tomes led him to snare the trap that Tzeentch, always watching for chances to create new pawns, had laid for him. Banished from his homeland when his occult practices were discovered (some might say that Tzeentch was also behind this very event), T'char renounced his former Gods and wandered the Northlands. Here, he joined a local tribe and rose through the ranks as rivals met mysterious ends.

Most notable victory/achievement:
- Caused a horde of Dwarf Hammerers to bludgeon each other to near oblivion

"And then, something happened. I let go. Lost in oblivion. Dark and silent and complete. I found freedom. Losing all hope was freedom."
(Above quote stolen from Fight Club)

Duke Ramulots
23-03-2012, 01:23
Name/Rank: Broketoof/black orc warboss

Wargear: Armour of silvered steel, dawnstone

Bio: Broketoof got his name when he tried to kill a steamtank by biting it and was run over for his trouble. After recovering from his injuries he stumbled upon a night goblin tribe where he sumarilly ate the cheiftan and took the roll of warboss. He now finds himself leading a ragtag band night goblins, orcs, and has even convinced a giant to follow him.

Most notable victory: Killed a Chaos lord and sorcerer after being fallen on by his own giant.

Quote: "Kick iim in da giblits"

23-03-2012, 02:03
Name/Rank: Merk, Claw of Insanity

Wargear:Whatever gear he feels looks good

Bio: Merk is a unique member of the Saurus hordes, or that is he was before his own kind decided he was more of a liability on the glorious field of battle. Since his "honorable" discharge from the grand armies of Lustria, Merk has taken up the dirty work of contracted warfare. Much like ogres he survives on the grit of his teeth and on hunting dangerous quarry. Unlike most mercenaries however, he enjoys a bit of flash in his work. Many witnesses to his many conflicts attest to his questionable taste in standards and banners, and his ludicrous behavior towards the enemy. Whatever the situation is Merk is sure to make a spectacle, and whether this ends in a victory or defeat is left to the Old Ones favor. Merk tends to favor the flavorful creatures of Lustria such as the salamanders or razordons, but when all is said and done Merk's true preference is a carnosaur. Sadly Merk is not exactly one of those saurus that was destined to ride one, yet he attempts any chance is given. After all is said and done Merk is truly a hero to many, for his exploits usually leave both sides drained of resources, only because he fancies himself a strategist even when a portion of his plans involve his army initiating a suicide charge at the enemy.

Most notable victory/achievement: Making it out of his spawing pool...the poor bloke can't swim!

Quote: NO! I shall not allow a lowly beast of burden to rob me of global fame and victory truly deserving of the Old Ones! Quarry like that shall only be hunted by me!!! (Merk preparing to charge a Arachnorok Spider on foot)

23-03-2012, 02:56
I love the idea of this thread!

Name: Ssog No-Face Wyrm-smasher, Tyrant of the Snow-Face tribe.

Wargear: Sword of Strife, Armor of Fortune, Ironfist

Bio: As an Ogre Bull, Ssog fell fast asleep as he sat facing the cooking pit. He had eaten more than his fair share of Rhinox meat and had washed it down with the toxic-strong drink. The night was still young and the other Ogres grew tired of the stories coming from the talkative Maneaters of the tribe. As part of some form of an Ogre practical joke, the Tyrant Gak Neck Snapper, pushed Ssog face first into the fire. Ssog was so drunk that by the time he woke up his facial features had been completely burned off. Enraged at being woken up from his drunken slumber, Ssog beat the Tyrant Gak to death with his fists, removed his head from his body, and threw it into the fire in a spectacular pit-fight among the coals and flames of the cooking pit. Ssog became a fierce Tyrant that moved the Snow-Face tribe up further the slopes as the howling wind and strong snows cool the burning that Ssog still feels on his face. Many changes occurred to the tribe after Ssog came into tyranthood. Yhettis joined the tribe's ranks in increasing numbers. Ssog is uncomfortable around fire and regulates the size of fires in his camp. No fires are allowed while Ssog sleeps. Finally, as an act of anger and domination over the threat of fire Ssog has killed and eaten (raw) every Firebelly Ogre that has crossed his tribe's path.

Most notable achievement: Killing a Dragon out from under a High Elf Lord without the use of his Tenderizer. (7th ed)

Quote: Don't cook the meat. I likes it fresh or frozen.

23-03-2012, 04:18
Name/Rank: King Khaput II

Wargear: Great Weapon, Armor of Destiny, Dragonbane Gem, and whatever items left that the tomb robbers have not cleaned out

Bio: Monarch of the 3rd Dynasty from Khemri, King Khaput II was by all accounts, an insane ruler while he lived. Ironically enough, when the Awakening occurred, he was the first to accept this state of being with clarity and finality while the other more, sane, royalties were despairing and raving.

Most notable victory/achievement: Smote Archaon, Lord of the End Times, with the middle finger when the Chaos Lord struck him down in a fight (TK curse actually killed him)

Quote: ....

Spiney Norman
23-03-2012, 08:32
Name: King Anukhet the Vengeful, Priest-King of Zandri
Wargear: Sword of Bloodshed, Armour of Fortune, Dragonbane gem, Shield, (occasionally) chariot
Bio: One of Zandri's most expansionist kings, Anukhet is fixated in reclaiming all the conquests of his ancestor, Ammenemhetum the Great and the wheels of his chariot legions have been heard everywhere from the badlands to southern Bretonnian. Anukhet first ruled his city during the reign of Nagash, and in his lust for power allied himself with the dreaded sorcerer, however, being fortunate enough to waken soon after Nagash's spell was cast and, realising that his fellow kings would not appreciate his former allies, Anukhet changed his name and ordered his necrotect artisans to alter the records of his reign, detailed on the walls and obelisks of his pyramid. Those same necrotects were the first souls to be reaped by his mighty blade in centuries, and despite many campaigns his bloodlust remains unsated.

Greatest achievement: Defeating the combined armies of Teclis of Ulthuan and the merchant guilds of Marienburg at the battle of Bel Aliad, after the enemy forces broke, Anukhets skeletal legions turned on their skaven allies and slaughtered them to a rat after the clan eschin assassins refused to hand over the nehekharan artefact they had liberated from the enemy camp during the battle.

Quote: "Fool! Wheon odd has rotted to dust I will still rule my realm, as changeless as the sun, you are so proud of your long life, but it is but a breath to me, for true immortality belongs to us! Look upon the steadfast obedience of my legions and despair as your warriors run like frightened whelps." ~ Anukhet to Teclis at the battle of Bel Aliad

23-03-2012, 10:20
Name: Morgoz Boarflattna, Orc Big Boss

Wargear: Armour of destiny, great axe, potion of strength

The Warboss formerly known as Morgoz da Mangla was once famous through out the badlands for his battle winning Boar charges. He would roll up the flanks of enemy green skin tribes and make whole mobs of Orc’s and Goblins ‘run fer da hills’ by recklessly charging in to them. Back then this tactic worked very well and it gained Morgoz the reputation of ‘da Mangla’ as all that was left were trails of mangled up green skin limbs where ever Morgoz went.

Around 18 months ago however, Morgoz began to sense a change through out the badlands as his trusted tactic was starting to fail him. Little did he know that change was happening through out the whole of the Warhammer world, battles were just being fought differently and Morgoz couldn’t put his large green warty finger on it? He figured it was a possible change in the culture of how battles were fought, perhaps infantry had started getting smarter and not running away on a whim, this was what he affectionately called ‘da boyz growin a set of balls’. Morgoz did not know why but he knew it was as if some one had come along and had re-written the rules of battle! What ever it sucked as far as he was concerned.

Finally around 6 months ago and on his sixteenth attempt at charging 50 Orc’s head on with only 6 Boar Boyz and failing to make them run away from single charges he began to blame his once trusted Boar ‘Porkchop’. Morgoz led him out in front of his boyz and started ‘givin im a lesson in da art of war’. Unfortunately for Porkchop he understood little and showed his understanding even less. Poor Porkchop could only ‘oink’ and at this Morgoz lost his temper. With the red mist coming over him he bare handed ripped open Porkchop and killed him (no more oink oinks from him!) Morgoz was seen three days later still jumping up and down on Porkchops remains. At this spectacle, the boyz stopped calling him da Mangla and now called him Morgoz da Boarflattna. The story is still related around camp fires of an evening as they recall with a roar: ‘da boyz feasted on flat chop’s fer supper dat evenin’.

It was the Orc Shaman ‘Buugash da loony’, in his quest to enhance his position in the tribe, who later presented Morgoz with Porkchop’s flattened hide. On seeing the once proud boar as flat as a pancake, Morgoz realised what he had done and became decidedly upset, unusually so for an Orc. It was weeks before Morgoz finally got over the death of his favourite Boar, though some would argue that he never has.

Having gone slightly mad from depression Morgoz is now seen leading his tribe to battle in his usual style – charging ‘da enemy’ head on. He however no longer charges on the back of a boar. Instead it is Porkchop that rides to battle on Morgoz’s back, with his hide drapped over him. Few Orc's dare question Morgoz's sanity and even fewer would dare point out that Porkchop was dead.

Quote: We is feastin on flat chops tonight Boyz!

Awilla the Hun
23-03-2012, 11:47
Name: Comrade-Chairman Heinrich von Stahl, Hero of the Proletariat (1st class), Light of the Working Classes, Chairman of the Red Guards and General Secretary of the People's Democratic Republic of Mousillon Central Committee.

Wargear: Hammer of the Proletariat, Book of Von Stahlist-Taalist Thought, Enchanted Shield

Bio: Comrades! The tale of Our Dear Leader, Glorious Comrade von Stahl, is so well known throughout the lands of all those who remain loyal to the revolution, that it does not require repetition in any detail. Suffice to say that he, although once a citizen of the Empire, is now a great pioneer of revolutionary thought. He is, of course, the leader of the Red Guards, the great revolutionary organisation dedicated to liberating the working classes of the Old World by mass militant action against the diabolical and fienidish United Counter-Revolutionary Conspiracy which has been set into play from the beginning of time itself by the Old Ones, that decadent race of immortalist exploiters and their Skink flunkey-bourgeoisie, and has been continued ever since under all manner of guises. He has laboured tirelessly in the cause of labour, and shall labour even more tirelessly in the future, not that he isn't working as tirelessly as he possibly can now, because such thoughts would be anti-people, and anti-people thoughts are bad things, and AAGH PLEASE DON'T HURT ME COMRADE-COMMISSAR...

Greatest personal prowess outside of propaganda leaflets: defeating lots of various Chaos unit champions and going mad against a unit of Marauders, allowing a severely outnumbered Red Guards brigade to hold them back until the Proletariat Leadership Committee could come to the rescue. He's meant to inspire, rather than fight.

23-03-2012, 12:55
Name: Ser Pierre II 'Le Vengeance De Parravon'

Wargear: Armour of Agilulf, Sword of the Ladies Champion, Virtue of audacity. His Royal Pegasus "Mel'def"

Bio: His father, Ser Jauque-pierre was a knightly lord of one of the many keeps along the grey mountains, One of many steadfast knights protecting the fair lands of parravon from Greenskin incursion. Pierre Grew up in the shadow of his Brothers, Gilles, Jeann and Luc. Youngest of the four Pierre Never expected to be lord of his fathers keep. He was brought up with the knowledge he would likely be married off to the daughter of a Sonless lord from elsewhere in the kingdom.
That was until The Orc warlord Hedrot Mansplitta and his tribe ambushed his father and Brothers on a hunt in the mountains. It wouldnt be until the Mansplitta's laid siege to his Fathers keepthat Pierre would realise his destiny.
Launching the corpses of his fathers and Brothers over the keeps high walls, Hedrot made his intentions clear. Sensing their doom, the small garrison Of 30 men at arms, his mother and the commoners and peasants who served the nobility were sure that Without aid from the nearby border keeps they would become Just a mark on a map.
It was then that the gate guard saw the young Pierre a boy of 14 Clad in his fathers Helmet and carrying his fathers Sword and shield venture out from the outer postern and Challenge the orc warlord o single combat. Remarkably He won. Severing the orcs Head from its shoulders. At the site of their boss lying in a heap at the boys feet the remaining orcs turned tail and fled. And the legend of Pierre the vengeance of parravon would begin.

Greatest Achievement: Besting a Keeper of secrets in single combat at the battle of Horrorwell. Leading an army that would put the conjurations of the insane necromancer craig back in their coffins.

Quote: "Here is a place the Gods of destruction cannot drive us from"

23-03-2012, 21:30
Atharion of the Line of Lord Salendor of Tor Achare, The Exile Prince.

Differs, common loadouts are skirmish mode (Shadow armour & reaver bow) and tank mode (dragon armour of caledor & vambrace of defence)

A younger son of one of chraces oldest and most respected families Atharion ended up siding against the intrests of chrace in a political affair and was declared traitor and sent into exile by his own father. When he were suposed to leave the ancient shadow master stresta and a clan of shadow warriors decided to follow him, as settlement for an old debt Stresta claims but will say nothing more of it.

Most notable victory/achievement
He slew a mighty champion of Slaanesh (who i sadly have forgotten the name of) in the ruins of Athel Maraya (the same place where his illustrious forefather met his end). (only time i ever played against WoC, my usual enemy plays dwarfs and agaisnt him Atharion usualy dont make it into close combat... ******* gunline)

"My father exiled me, the phoenix king betrayed me and my friends forsook me, what do I owe any of them?"

23-03-2012, 22:05
Name/Rank: General Kurt von Ulrich, Empire General and Commander of the World's Edge Mountains Indepependent Defence Force

Wargear: Collander for a helmet, dustbin lid for a shield, bamboo stick for a sword

Bio: von Elrich's family were one of the many noble houses in the Empire who sat just off the Electorships, and stood to benefit if an Elector died without an Heir. When von Ulrich was at university in Altdorf his entire family and lands were destroyed by an Orc Warband for the World's Edge mountains... or that is what it appeared like. Fortunately for von Ulrich while he had lost his family, retainers and people, his family's money was invested and protected elsewhere. von Ulrich made a personal oath to have revenge, but realised he need money to achieve this. While he set about becoming a rich merchant, he also gained the ear of Karl Franz. Eventually, after proving his worth in battle a dozen times over, Franz gave von Ulrich and Imperial Commission to raise an army to patrol the World's Edge mountains. Despite destroying dozens of Orc tribes, he is beginning to realise that his greatest enemies might not be greenskins.

Most notable victory/achievement: 1:12 win:loss ratio against armies with giants, including 8 personal appearances in a Giants Codpiece near you. Destroyed a Steam Tank.

Quote: "Bugger, a giant."

23-03-2012, 22:58
Name: Gruff Kravyn, The Man Child, Ugluhand

Wargear: Talisman of preservation, Jagged Dagger, Steel Claws

Story: Formerly Gryph Dan Craven, a promising grey wizard in the imperial colleges, who was noteably born an albino. When returning from a diplomatic mission in Kislev, his caravan was hit by a daemonic hoard. In one and one combat, he defeated a vile herald of Tzeentch, who landed a scratch on his wrist with a vile dagger. In time, changes wracked Griff's body, turning him into a mockery on a human being. He fled into the night, knowing to stay would mean his certain death.

He fled into the forests, and fell upon a tribe of albino beastmen. He soon rose to be their leader and plans ultimately to destroy the college of magic.

Noteable achievements: Casting withering and okkams into a single combat helping allied orc boys kill a warsphynx, killing a khorne herald in one on one combat


He's currently taking part in the blood in the badlands campaign our gaming groups running:

Here's the first chapter: http://simonfisherrofl.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/blood-in-badlands-fiction.html

and here's a link to the rest of Kravyn's misadventures: http://simonfisherrofl.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Blood%20in%20the%20Badlands

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And for my slaanesh daemons:

Name: Devilfingers, Herald of Tzeentch

Equipment: Spellbreaker, loremaster

Devilfingers, in the years past, was one of Tzeentch’s favoured heralds. Veteran of hundreds of incursions, he was often at the forefront of legions of mutating horrors, his hands weaving iridescent destruction. The only thing that rivalled his tactical acumen was his thirst for forbidden knowledge, a fire burning within him that his patron was more than willing to stoke.
Then wheels were put in motion that would change everything for Devilfingers. He became besotted with finding a sacred tome of magic, lost aeons ago in the great sundering. The Compendium of Eldraneum held ancient lores long lost to Daemon kind, and held information about banishment rituals and daemonic binding. Its retrieval would raise Devilfingers to much higher standing, both denying its knowledge to mortal kind and excelling his own arcane knowledge. Success would perhaps be enough to ascend himself to greater daemonhood.
His forces were already in alliance with another great Daemonic Host, led by the Bloodthirster Gra’uhl’Bak Bleakblade. Calling a meeting of the host’s leaders it did not take much swaying to convince the Bleakblade to find this tome and destroy it. However, after leaving the bloodthirster’s council, another approached Devilfingers. Ilzharod, Excess-General of the 666th Legion and highest ranking follower of the Pleasure God, had supported Devilfingers’ plans in front of the mighty bloodthirster. He knew of the book Devilfingers had mentioned, and knew he intended to take the tome as his own. He would support Devilfingers on one condition – that at the end of the campaign, the Bloodthirster must fall on the field of battle.
Days later, Ilzharod sealed their pact and gifted Devilfinger the Rending Claw, a powerful staff to channel magic with a claw taken from one of his favoured daemonic concubine’s. He also offered him a warning about the book – only by placing part of one’s essence into the book would it ever be opened, and once a word in the book was read, it would disappear from the pages forever.
This played heavily on Devilfinger’s mind over the following weeks. As they drew closer to the temple the book was held in, his thoughts drew darker. Should he acquire the book, he had the choice of not reading it and sacrificing it’s power, or Tzeentch would consume him entirely to retrieve the knowledge. It was too difficult a choice, for whatever he chose the arduous journey would all be in vain.
Then, on the eve of battle, Ilzharod came to Devilfinger again. He offered him Slaanesh’s patronage, and his protection, should he wish it. He could keep the book, and all its contents, should he pledge fealty to the Dark Prince. He then gifted him a helm, a mask of wrought iron on the outside, but infused with intricate runes within. His helm would keep the contents of Devilfingers’ mind safe from Tzeentch.
Devilfinger would not commit to any deal. He had too much to think of. Battle was joined outside the High Elf sacred temple which held the compendium. He fought with much more fervour and vigour than usual, weeks of angst taking form in his magical incantations. Eventually, they fought their way to the temple, the high elves broken and defeated. The Bleakblade, injured by a thousand sword cuts, strode towards the temple to destroy the Compendium. Devilfingers own pink horrors twitched and gibbered, unwilling to allow the beast destroy the book. Devilfingers made his choice.
He cast a mighty hex on the bloodthirster, his words cracking it’s obsidian armour where it stood. Gra’Uhl’Bak roared at the treachery, and turned as dozens of balefire bolts tore into him from the regiment of pink horrors at Devilfingers back. Unprotected from the magical torrent, the mighty bloodthirster soon succumbed and fell to his knees.
Devilfingers did not celebrate, but instead donned his new helm.
This signal was all the 666th Legion needed. Hoards of daemonettes leaped upon the Horror’s, tearing and gouging their way through their ranks with their razor sharp claws. Gibbering and putrid screaming echoed around as Devilfingers strode into the temple to retrieve the knowledge within.
From then on, Devilfingers had joined the ranks of the 666th Legion. He permanently wears his facemask, for fear that if he was to take it off Tzeentch would descend to consume all his essence and retrieve the ancient knowledge within his mind. An outcast for his treachery even within Slaaensh’s armies, he still strives to learn even more arcane knowledge and fuel his ascent through the ranks.

It’s unknown how far the deceit goes. One would think Tzeentch would have realised such a treachery before it had occurred, or put alternate plans in motion should such an event take place. Perhaps he knew all along, or it was his indeed his own plan. It is not often at all a follower of a Chaos power converts from the worship of one to another. However, one thing is for certain, Tzeentch still has a plan for Devilfingers. Whether this bodes well or ill for Devilfingers only time will tell, but Tzeentch has always been willing to play the long game.

Noteable achievements: Casting dwellers 3 times in tree turns as a squad of angry empire halbadiers chased him around my deployment zone.

more about him, with his model, here: http://simonfisherrofl.blogspot.co.uk/2011/09/story-corner-come-meet-devilfingers.html

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Name/Rank: Princess Yeth Grenth, Guardian of Dragon's Pass

Wargear: Fang of Trath (Great Weapon), Inferno Scale Armour (Armour of Caledor) Gauntless of the true Guardian (Vanbraces of Defence), Fernith of the Great Flames (Dragon Mount)
Bio: Born into a Nobel Family in the West Eataine reagon of Ulthuan, Yeth was raised around the storys of dragons in the nearby mountains. As she grew she trained as a fighter, not a common thing in the elf's life, her fighting skills were honed, never wanted to be treaded differeny to the others she was nicknames the "warrior princess", and over time but proving she could fight as well as the elite of the elfen warrios, eaven catching the eye of the everqueen and Tyrion, impress with her skills she eventualy was given the right to fight apart of the Dragon Princes, given the new nickname of "the elegent rider", proving in many battles against orcs and scaven she had earned her place. During a Dark Elf raid onto the island, she was part of a squad that was ambushed near the Dragon's Pass, a vally where in the past the dragons would be seen flying through to acess and leave the mountains of Caledor. The Dark Elf's wantes to get through and steel dragon's eggs. She and the few remaining comrads where being overrun, with only her remaining 2 dragons appeared: Trath & Fernith, With there help both and the sacrifice of Trath she was able to hold the invaders off till reinforcements arrived, to drive them away. After the battle, she was honoured for her stance, and was given the tital "Guardian of Dragon's pass", and given a comanding role. The remains of Trath were turned into a new weapon and armour for her to use, so his savrifice would never be fergotten, and taking to battle rideing Fernith, who had places it's self to aid her. She has lead may battle and come out ontop.

Most notable victory/achievement: After Fernith was knocked out, she took onto foot and slayed the Chaos lord, and his warrior bodyguard, without takeing a scrath herself.

Quote: "thoes who think a female cant fight, are about to meat the might of the warrior princess"

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Name/Rank: Grey Seer Kirritckh
Wargear: A trusty phial of Skalm, and a sneaky stash of Warpstone.
Bio:Nobody knows where Kirritckh came from, or any details of his life, prior to his ascension to the leadership of Clan Skirrik. All that is known is that he is unusually blessed in the arcane arts, and has command over both the lores of Ruin and Plague, making him a Seer to be feared. It's speculated that his history is shrouded in mystery because an assassination attempt was ordered by the Council of 13, and although it was thought to be successful, he actually survived, and spent time in the wilderness recovering, brooding, and plotting his revenge against the Council.....
Most notable victory/achievement: Defeating the Chaos Lord Flagarth, as his forces attempted to penetrate the breeding pits of Clan Moulder, resulting in him gaining many powerful war-beasts for Clan Skirrik. There are rumblings that Kirritckh may have had a hand in orchestrating this attack, in order to obtain these favours from Clan Moulder.
Quote:Time comes. Soon my pack, soon......

Athlan na Dyr
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Name/ Rank: The Fanged, Vampire Lord of the Blood Dragon bloodline

Wargear: Talisman of Endurance, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Bloodshed, Red Fury, Fear Incarnate, Aura of Dark Majesty, Heavy Armour

Bio: The Fanged started life as a human, in the year 800, born in some hole in the ground he has since long forgotten. He was taken in by the priests of Morr and trained as an assassin; their weapon against the Lords of Undeath when it was too risky to send a proper (noble born) priest. His first assignment was against a vampire known only as The Lady. Some say she was sired by Abhorash himself. Others scoff and suggest one of his gets. Regardless, it is clear that she was among the first few generations of Blood Dragons. Against such a foe, The Fanged had no chance. Yet, pleased by his challenge and courage, The Lady turned her would be killer.
So began a long servitude that lasted for well over a hundred years. Then suddenly, The Lady vanished, with only a single, hastily scrawled message: The path to me lies in the blood of the mighty.
Compelled by his duty to his Mistress and by feelings he could not quite place, The Fanged assembled a great many necromancers to summon and bind a great host for his bloody march back to The Lady.
After slaughtering a wide path through the Border Princes, The Fanged turned his attention to the lands of Gilles the Breton, where a figure known as The Lady was rumoured to have appeared...
In the year 1000, The Fanged's army crosses the Vaults into southern Brettonia. Even as he prepares to launch an all out war on the heroes of the grail, he is thwarted by the actions of the lifeweaver, Elrya Naidr Fullbloom, who summons the dreaded power of those below against The Fanged's bodyguard, and in doing so, slays the Vampire.

Fast forward 1500 years

The Necromancer, Gunt the Skullface, is down to his last few coppers in a rundown tavern in the Countryside of the Empire. His life is slowly slipping away, his pitiful magical powers not enough to prevent the Dark Magic he uses from killing him. With Wraithdom approaching, Gunt is desperate to find a powerful Master Necromancer or Vampire to save his pitiful existance. So it was that when Gunt heard a Brettonian trobadour tell the tale of the great mound of bones that was found outside of Athel Loren shortly after the rise of Gilles the Breton, his heart leapt, he packed his things and raced off to Brettonia as fast as his legs could carry him in the hope of finding the remains of a vampire and raise him.
And raise him he did.
The Fanged saved the Necromancer by having Gunt feed on a powerful wizard of the Amethyst college, gaining the wizard's knowledge through blood.
Now The Fanged has a loyal servant at his side and 1500 years of carefully planned vengeance and war to carry out...

Most Notable Victory/ Achievement: Came back from the dead, snuck in to Athel Loren and kidnapped the daughter of Elrya before turning her as payback.

Quote: No, mortal, I shall not kill you. Remember this day, for the rest of your life. Let your hatred of me drive you, force you to become stronger, harder, faster. Only then, when you come back for your vengeance will your death be satisfying.