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22-03-2012, 12:19

Im pretty new to the 40k scene, well ok, if you ask Im a complete virgin. I normally play WHFB and have several armies for that game.

My friend has convinced me to go for a 40k army so we can play that as well. So I have decided to go for Nids. He plays Space Marines (Space Wolves, Dark Angels) and Imperial Guard - I will mainly be playing his IG.

Anyway, I settled for Nids simply because I like the models more than anything and at FB I tend to play a lot of Melee armies (think WO chaos, orcs etc...). I have ordered a Nid Batteforce box to start with as all good things start with the cores, or regulars.

can anyone suggest the what the next few purchases should be? the real essentials I wont be able to do without, at small point levels say 1-1.5k for now?
My budget for my next splurge on figures is around 100 give or take.

Also what should I consider with Nids in terms of tactics, strengths and weaknesses? remember Im a complete virgin at 40k so try not to use Jargon or acronyms please.

Thanks in advance.

22-03-2012, 13:19

Welcome to 40k land. Be aware, your likely to hear a lot of people complain about how 'Nids are a weak army in the current meta. While this is generally true, it applies only at the competitive level. For friendly fun games, 'nids are fine.

Nids can be built a couple of different ways depending on your preferred style of play. Which I know is a cop out so I'll give some general recommendations, for aggressive armies I like trygons(primes are best) and genestealers with a Hive Tyrant with Hive Commander or the swarmlord to help coordinate their arrival from reserves.

For more defensive armies, Tervigons are pretty good. Especially when they are scoring and giving feel no pain to your usually fragile squads. They require a large number of termagants to be effective as you'll need some to make them troops, as well as a plentiful supply to spawn during the game.

The first real decision you'll have to make is what to do with your elites slots? Do you go for the light tank busting ability of the Hive guard? The Heavy tank destroying power of zoanthropes? The tricksy Death leaper? The Insanely powerful but tempermental Doom of Malantai?

I like Hiveguard the best, they are cheap, tough, reliable and provide ranged anti-transport which is sorely lacking everywhere else. I try to include at least two units in every list.

As you know your going to be facing guard a lot though, Zoanthropes might be good for you, as they are better at wrecking heavier vehicles. Their main failing is being nullified by enemy psychic defenses, which may not be such a problem for you.

Edit: Also this thread http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?239312-Tyranid-2010-Tactica-Discussion , might be useful to you.