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22-03-2012, 14:27
I've been thinking about trying a different list for O&G, a Gunline. I will try this build against empire, so My initial list is:

Night Goblin Great Shaman, 220 pts (Level 4)
- Dispel scroll, Ironcurse Icon, Sword of screaming

Goblin Big Boss (Battle Standard Bearer), 151 pts
- Light Armor, Shield, Spider Standard

Savage Orc Shaman, 135 pts (Level 1)
-Shrunken head

Black Orc Big Boss, General, 140 pts
- Armour of Silvered Steel, Luckstone

46 Night Goblins, 278 pts
- Nets, Short Bows, Musician, Standard, 3 Fanatics

30 Savage orcs, 350 pts
- Big'uns, Bows, Musician, Standard

7 Trolls , 245 pts

Mangler Squig x2, 130 pts

Doom Diver x2, 160 pts

Rock lobba x2, 170 pts

Total Roster Cost: 2000

The idea is to have good shooting, and 3 units able to fight decently in CC. The goblin characters go in the NG unit and the orcs characters go in the SO unit. The general is a BO to try to minimize the chance my units go charging the enemy alone.
Thoughts? What should I change?

22-03-2012, 14:31
Gunline vs empire? It sort of depends on you outshooting him then? And in order to out-shoot him, you're going to have to destroy his warmachines. Whats the plan for that? Goblin archers with 5+ poison? It might be prudent to use wolf riders (or spiders, deepending on the terrain you usually play on) - I think your squigs are going to get a fair amount of attention though, so maybe you can target his warmachines, while he targets your squigs.

22-03-2012, 14:33
You might want to take a champ in your charachter units aswell. To avoid challanges.

22-03-2012, 15:37
Yes, i was thinking on trying to poison his warmachines with my NGs/SO with poison spell while he shoots down my squigs.
In my experience, the Empire tends to have really weak fighting characters. Mostly priest, mages and captains. All of the former are a lot less terrifyng than the 6 S4 attacks from the alabardiers hordes he can assing to the BSB or mage. Probably I will be challenging his sargents :p.
The wolfs sound like a good advice, to distract him or maybe even kill a warmachine :). I only hope they dont decide to charge another unit before reaching they target. Had happened to me a lot, one bad roll of animosity and they are gone :(.

22-03-2012, 15:55
I think I know how this will end :shifty:
outshooting mortars and cannons with short bows...not to mention superior BS 3
This is your idea though...reminds me of time when my Empire friend challenged me for a hand to hand O&G vs Empire battle - no machines, wet powder, zero abracadabra.
Suffice to say swordmen are worse than blorcs

26-03-2012, 02:03
Well, the game ended with a Massacre in my favor. My opponent ended up having only 3 warmachines and a small unit of handgunners, so in fact I ended up outgunning him and forcing him to advance. The goblin magic was a bit lackluster, but mainly because of the bad spells I rolled (no gork will fix it or Gift of the Spider-god for the lvl 4).
Thanks a lot on the advice of adding a unit of wolves. It killed a great cannon and annoyed a lot my enemy. Still, it ended being killed by the crew of the second warmachine.
Animosity was a pain. With only one unit vulnerable to it, my NG unit, it still failed a animosity test on the first turn and had to charge at a 16" away unit, making it lose a round of poisoned arrows and letting it vulnerable to a dual charge latter. Still, the unit hold great and the fanatics weakened enough the charging units to ensure a draw against a Steam tank and War altar (killing the altar in the process).
Not entirely sure about the SO arrer boys horde. They killed like 12-14 units in total by shooting, and weren't near losing combat once the enemy reached them, but I got the feeling against better units they might have had problems. On the other hand, better trops means less of them, making them more vulnerable to shooting.
Unexpectedly, the manglers helped protect my artillery on the first turns, being in the way and preventing a mounted unit from reaching my warmachines.
Also, this is one of the first times both my general and my BSB make it to the end of the game. Standing back and shooting clearly helped a lot in this :p.
Trolls, as always, kicked asses in CC.