View Full Version : 7th edition armies and below how do they do in 8th edition?

22-03-2012, 19:53
Okay i havenīt played that many battles with my dwarfs and mostly iīve got my ass handed to me(maybe that just my luck or that i donīt play that often).

Anyways i was wondering if thatīs just the Dwarfs (i once talked to a guy who said that Dwarfs almost NEVER win any tournaments) or if its the same with all the other armies out there who havenīt got an upgrade in a while armies such as Bretonians, Wood Elves etc etc.

Are they still "good" armies or do they suffer from the fact that their armybooks REALLY hasnīt been updated for a while?

22-03-2012, 20:29
well what do you run in your dwarf army cue it does come down to what you should run and what yo shouldn't.
As a bret player i can say that Bretonnia is still a good viable list that has units that fill great roles.
M@A are great Tarpits and the Grail Reilque is decent too.
Trebuchets and archers fill their roles greatly and the knights are a powerhouse and can do really well.
Pegasus knights are my army all stars and grail knights just rock face. to top it all off we have a great Ward save that scales and offer protection from gunlines.

Chicago Slim
22-03-2012, 23:33
There's a whole thread about Wood Elves, in which there are a lot of people saying, "Yes, they just suck" and a lot of people saying, "If you play them with finesse and care, they rock-- but yeah, they're not easy to work". Then again, that's pretty much what people have been saying about Wood Elves for most of the past 2 decades, so.

As for Dwarfs, they can do a mean, mean Deathstar (horde of Longbeards). They have awesome artillery, though it's a bit tricky to protect it, now that charge ranges are longer. I've seen them do quite well, but only if the player breaks away somewhat from the traditional gun line tactics, and gets a bit more aggressive in the movement phase, to buy time for the shooters to go to work.

Brets are still about as good as they were, as Manling suggests.

Empire has some interesting builds-- hordes of great swords, big (BIG, like 5x5) cavalry units-- my housemate's been doing quite well with them. Note, though, that their rumored to have a new book coming soon.

Lizardmen are quite fine, still.

Skaven, I'm not so sure, having played only one game against them, but I've read lots of comments that suggest that some people fear huge tarpit hordes of Skavenslaves (for under 200 points, they can have just ridiculous numbers...)

Warriors of Chaos have a reputation as being weak, but I don't think I see it: Marauders like the Horde and Steadfast rules, and the new magic system lets them get a lot of casting done with fewer of their expensive characters.

Deamons of Chaos, I honestly haven't heard people talk about them, or seen anyone play them, in 8th ed. Maybe they all went off to 40K?

23-03-2012, 04:52
Dwarfs suffer from what a lot of armies suffer from- Lore of Shadow- this lore is somewhat game ruining against low initiative armies-

However, dwarfs can work well and be competitive- however, I would not classify them as a starter army- they move slow and have no magic- these two things make them a very unforgiving army (i.e. any little mistake you make will cost you a lot of points and dead dwarfs)

If you find you can't seem to win- try fielding Thorek and the Anvil of Doom- slowing down D3 units every turn while blasting them with grudge throwers and cannons really makes a mess out of other armies.

What it really comes down to is that you have to maximize and field the best dwarf list you can- there is no room for wasted points on fluffy options that aren't good-

So generally keep your units of thunderers very small or leave them at home, slayers tend to be too fragile and die too quickly, Iron breakers are overcosted and the flame cannon is next to useless due to its high points cost and poor range-

Things to do- a unit of 40 hammerers, or long beards or both, combined with some units of 30-40 quarrellers with great weapons, grudge throwers are almost necessary, cannons help if you are seeing monsters, organ guns do well if you are seeing a lot of scouting skirmishers