View Full Version : Dwarf Bolt Throwers are they worth the points?

23-03-2012, 11:32
Basically what i want to know is Dwarf Bolt Throwers are they worth their points after guess range have been removed?
Before where you had to guess range i used them quite a lot for obvious reasons (I am absolutely crap at guessing range) but since it has been removed i canīt see a bolt thrower doing anything a cannon canīt do better.

Am i wrong here and does the Bolt Thrower actually have its use?

Dark Aly
23-03-2012, 15:56
I find them very good in low point games, but not so much in larger games. 2 BS4 bolt throwers are pretty much the same points as a cannon.

23-03-2012, 16:12
They're currently a throw back to a different edition. What dark Aly said about being useful in lower-point games holds true though or if you want to do a no gun powder war of the beard list......

23-03-2012, 20:05
they are great filler to support a gunline but stick with the cannons and organ guns as they are generally better at the dakka dakka. if only you had reapeter bolt throwers

23-03-2012, 20:20
As was said earlier, dwarven bolt throwers are not dreadful at lower points. At a point level 2k or higher they are passed on as they don't pack the punch needed to take out truely large threats and they don't cause enough damage to ranked units to make much of a dent. In summary, 0-1k take em for some nice support, 1k-1500 extra points on cannons or warriors is up to you, 1500+ pass on em as they have lost their luster.

27-03-2012, 13:21
Yeah my friend has used them a couple of times to underwhelming results. In fact they've done nothing at all. My goblin speak chuckers on the other hand have been amazing, 2 games I have 1 shotted a gyrocopter with them then tore through the ironbreakers...

27-03-2012, 16:06
if you have the spare points or want some variety, no reason not to take 2 in place of another warmachine. Especially runed for BS, or having one runed for flaming for trolls/hydras/treemen/treekin. Not incredible, but not bad.

29-03-2012, 12:43
And they have one important rule - they do not blow up :D I like to field one cannon and 2 BT's it's decent combo.

29-03-2012, 13:59
Rune of forging makes most cannons not blow up too. The only way I field bolt throwers at higher point levels is with an engineer, to get Bs4, and rune of immolation. Stick it on a flank and if a unit of fast cav wants to roll up my artillery battery my opponent better have a back up unit.