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23-03-2012, 14:30
Dreadlord with great weapon, armour of darkness (1+ sv), Pendant of K. (reverse ward save), crown of command (stubborn)
241 pts

39 Dark elf warriors, FC, radiant flag (reroll first failed ld test)
254 pts

25 Executioners, FC
330 pts

War hydra
175 pts

Dreadlord leads the 39 dark elf warriors. Deployed 10x4 in the center

Executioners in horde formation. Right flank.

Hydra left flank.

What do you guys think? I have thought about giving the warriors the armour piercing banner from the DE book and thus giving them and the dreadlord armour piercing.

23-03-2012, 14:37
Don't make up your mind about how you're going to deploy when you write your list, it's a really bad idea and a bad habit to get into.

30-03-2012, 10:07
You are absolutely right. The reason i wrote it is because i havent ever played DE before and i happen to know what the other list is and how he will deploy... He playing WoC with hard only hard blocks. Its gonna be a march up and hack away kind of battle.

: )

purge the daemon
30-03-2012, 21:23
If you can put a BSB in with great weapon and always strike first banner in the executioners.

04-04-2012, 11:18
If you can put a BSB in with great weapon and always strike first banner in the executioners.

But they are followers of khaine and cannot be joined by a bsb with great weapon i believe.

Oh and btw I won vs WoC but now im gonna face HE and i have no clue what i will face

purge the daemon
04-04-2012, 11:57
Death hag banner of hag graef is 150 the ward save could also do her some good.

Dirty Mac
04-04-2012, 13:18
she'll be the first to go, elves are fragile. you need to wither them down a lot and you need shades.
At 1K you don't need a Dreadlord, here is a list I run at 750.

Try this.

Lvl 2 , ToF, Guiding Eye

17 RXB Mus, Std

21 Corsairs AHW Mus Std, Sea Serpent Standard.

7 shades AHW.

It's about 745 pts. You get a decent bunker, that can shoot, and can still handle themselves in combat, you have corsairs which aren't that bad.
And Shades will probably be the stars in low points games such as these. since you can put them anywhere on the board you want, providing they are more than 12" away from the enemy.

You just add a few extra units that you want to use. Maybe a hydra, or another combat block to get you up to 1000pts.

You should probably think about shadow magic here, it has some nice hexes. you need to thin out his units before he gets to your front line.
try top get some harpies in there, If he is taking frenzied troops you need to re-direct them. hit them in the flanks.