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23-03-2012, 17:35
Hiya guys! I'm looking for some input/inspiration on how to field a Minotaur only army (or mostly!). The ideas i've come up with so far consist of things like Beastman book and dealing with the fact that they are Special and not core (so field ungor skirmishers for redirect/harassment), using the WoC book and using the Troll Character and fielding them 'count as' or using the Ogre Kingdoms book and, again, a 'counts as' army. Need to get a hold of a freinds copy of those books to see how viable an option they would be first.

I'm aware that i'm in the minority on liking the Minotaur models, but I do sadly! ideas, comments and issues that you might have if you played against someone with such an army :)

23-03-2012, 19:02
you can also go Ogers and use the Minotaur models, they both o impact hits.

23-03-2012, 19:24
If you like them that much then play Beastmen, max out on special allowance, and stick a minotaur or two in with the Gor blocks (as unit fillers) to make them fit your taste. ;)

23-03-2012, 19:27
If your opponent is willing, use the old Beasts od Chaos book, they can be core with a Doombull there (but no Gorebulls for BSB). Or just ask if you take Taurox, or spend X points on a Gift for a Doombull, you can field them Core despite what the book says.

Otherwise, Ogres would be the best. They both emphasize feeding, have greater variety of units for models, both have Impact Hits, and neither is known for puking on the enemy.

23-03-2012, 20:48
I think using the Ogre book would be the best bet. It would allow for "minotaur" wizards, as well as a variety of troops and some cool monsters.

23-03-2012, 21:10
The latest beastmen book feel kind of boring. no marks, no minotaur armies and no mixing in mortal and demon units =(

23-03-2012, 23:40
Haven't had that last part since Warriors of Chaos...

24-03-2012, 00:26
Personally, I'd advice you to just stick to your guns and run the Beastman book as well as you can. I'm fine for proxying if someone want to, for instance, play a Gnoll army or something crazy like that, but for me, swapping rules with for instance Ogres is a bit shady. As long as the rules for Minotaurs actually exist, it's a bit like playing Dark Angels using Space Wolf rules because they give you a game advantage.

That said, yes the Minotaur rules are very lacklustre. It's a damn shame, too, because they're such a fundamental part of the Beastmen army. You yourself seem to have a healthy approach to it, wanting a predominately Minotaur army, but frankly I don't see people's obsession with how a themed army has to consist of nothing but the model type in question, often leading to weird and obviously very shoe-horned solutions. But I digress.

If you want to play a Minotaur army, there's acutally a presedence for it in the Beastman book, where they mention how Minotaur tribes often have Ungor sychophants. So I'd focus mostly on that, thrown in a Shaman to get you some magic, and off you go. A major problem with Minotaurs, though, are how their rules are a little behind the times. They are too expensive, and while they do hit hard, they are too fragile for their cost. They pale compared to the extremely similar but better in every single aspect Maneaters, for example. The way people tend to field Minotaurs, then, is in largish blocks, composed mostly of Minotaurs with no additional equipment (to keep the cost down), and then fill up the front rank with characters, to do the actual fighting. It's a bit gimmicky and ventures a bit too far into Death Star territory for my liking, but it seems to work quite well.

Another option is to run kitted-out Doombulls solo, like monsters rather than characters. There are several different builds for this.

Anyway, that's the advice I can give. Have fun with it! And remember, if you stick to the harder but honourable option, you get bragging rights when the time comes for Beastmen to get a new army book and Minotaurs hopefully become worthwhile again. "What, a Minotaur army? I've been playing that for aaaages".

24-03-2012, 00:42
I would strongly advice against going the Throg route. Rumor has it WOC has a new armybook on the horizon, and it would be a mighty shame if your army became redundant because of this.

24-03-2012, 01:46
Thanks alot for the healthy abundance of feedback! :) Its a pipe line army but very much the next one to be picked up when i finish my TK and SW armies. Will do a fair amount of reading as i've only really glanced through the BM book to see if i could make Mino's core which i died a little inside over the lack of :p

More ideas, comments etc welcome, but will probably go down the honorable route of throwing Ungors infront for cannon fodder and shaman bunkering hah!

Once Bitten
24-03-2012, 13:29
Although minotaurs are accused of under-performing, I had to stop using my minotaur-led list because it was too powerful. You have to make the unit big enough to absorb wounds - like 8-10 strong. Then throw in a 1+ re-rollable AS = extra attack, with ASF and Other Trickster Shard Doombull - and the unit is tough as nails.

For my tuskgor chariots, I use an old minotaur model (smaller than current models) instead of 2 tuskgors. So, in my all minotaur army that I'm building, I will have 8 minotaur chariots to fill out my core, then large unit of minos, ghorgon and some mino characters. It will be 100% minotaur. I'm sure steadfast will give it fits, but that's ok. Minotaurs are the reason I started a beastman army.

24-03-2012, 22:29
I'm in the process of doing a Brass Bull army - just going for Brass Bull and maxed BSB leading a huge Minotaur unit. Core points are a mix of Gors and chariots with a Jabberslyth too.

25-03-2012, 08:38
Personally, if you were playing against me, I wouldn't mind using a house rule that said that a unit of Minotaurs counted as Core for each Minotaur character in the army. However, I don't think it's too limiting to have to include some Ungor as Core in order to play by the letter of the rules as they stand. If you were lucky with a bit of ambush this might also helpfully distract your opponent from your Minotaurs.

25-03-2012, 16:04
Problem with the Ungors for Core is how many Ungors you'll actually need. A quick estimate off the top of my head puts you in the region of 85-100 Ungors for a 2400 list. That said, though, Ungors are surprisingly decent troops, and I think they'd work well in synergy with the Minotaurs. I'd look at getting two deep blocks of 40, with shields and full command, which gives you good tarpits to hold up things while your Minotaur death squad goes around smashing them in turn. After that, get a bunch of skirmishing Ungors, for redirecting and the like.

And to whomever said his Minotaur army were too powerful: True, the Minotaur army can be very good, but it's not because of the Minotaurs themselves. Those are just a delivery system for the phenomenal Minotaur characters.