View Full Version : Comet of Casandora argument

24-03-2012, 22:16
This evening during a battle between empire and orc 'n goblins.
A discussion came up in the magic phase.

After placing a marker the text of the spell says " For as long as the spell lasts, the player rolls a D6 at the start of each player's following magic phase.

Now we have a problem with the wording because english is not our own language.

Does this mean in every start magic phase or only in the "casters" start of the magic phase. I understand they kept out the wording caster because the comet still comes down after the caster is slain.

As I understand (I was the orc player) it reads "at the start of each player "his or hers" following magic phase.

For the record we eventually agreed to roll off what to do and I still was massacred.

Hope to hear from anyone.

24-03-2012, 23:05
Each magic phase, yours and your opponents.