View Full Version : First Vampire Counts List (1500 Points)

25-03-2012, 01:40
1500 Points Total:

Vampire Lord (Level 4), Lore of Vampires, Heavy Armour, Dark Acolyte, Enchanted Shield

Necromancer, Lore of Vampires, Master of the Dead

40 Zombies, Standard Bearer, Musician

30 Zombies, Standard Bearer, Musician

25 Skeletons, Full Command

Corpse Cart, Unholy Lodestone, Spear

3 Vargheists, Vargoyle

30 Grave Guard, Great Weapons, Full Command

I'm planning to play some friendly games, mostly against Lizardmen (my friend's army). I was planning to place the Vampire Lord in the smaller zombie unit, and put the necromancer in the skeleton unit. This will be my first battle using Vampire Counts, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

25-03-2012, 19:28
Without substantial protection , the lord isn't too hard to cut down as he will be in the thick of combat. Youd be better off making the necro a level 4 and bunkering him out of trouble and make the Vampire a hero. Put him on a barded steed with Dragon helm,a lance & red fury to give him both protection and punch. You can also afford to lose him if the combat gets too hot. If you have points make him a BSB as well to keep the vargeists in line. If your opponant likes ward save the tricksters shard is quite handy , it negates parry saves as well.
Be very aware of your positioning as well. The Corpse cart works best directly between two infantry blocks starting level with them , as eventually it will end up behind them because it cant march. Be prepared to lose the vargeists, you lack any other speed in your army but sometimes there are no decent targets for them. Sometimes its better to sacrifice them for the greater cause instead.