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26-03-2012, 14:28
Max and friends are joined by A Giant, Great bray shaman, and a bunch of gor. As he finally gets his wish to take on some Empire troops. He also finds about about Black powder guns....

I start off bad by noting I for got my tape, giant, AND spare monster at home :(.
The beastmen bring from left to right Bring 3 razorgor, A giant goat filling in for the Giant (My wife noted that Goats are surefooted and giants arn't. She always spoils my fun!) A gorgon. In front of them are some 32 Gor with my great bray shaman with Talisman of preservation and dispel scroll with beast, (Pan's pelt, Flock of doom, Trasformation) and Bsb with beast banner. In front of them is the beast/shadow/death lvl 1 shaman with the herdstone,feedback scroll and hex scroll, last but not least are the 65 ungor with Max the mini-taur himself, In his usual ramhorn set up.

The Empire was not playing around with 5 knights 21 great swords, 40 spearmen with a captain, 5o halberd, two units of 10 rifle men,5 knights, a mortar, doom rocket and two cannons, he also packed a bsb, engineer, lvl4 shadow on pegasus, and lvl 2 light(phas protection speed of light),and another captain.

So I was out manned, out gunned, and out magiced, for the first time I was out chaffed as well, This was looking bad.

I hide my 3 shaman in a hous on the far lower right insuring they would be out of range of helping my own troops for the most part. I hide the Gorgon and Giant behind the house out of cannon fear. Everything else just lines up in a mad dash. My ungor are in prime position to be flanked by knights but with a doombull and ranks I'll be ok.

turn one (no pic)

Beastmen, I move up, setting up my razorgor for turn 2 charges on the cannons who have set up a little further than they should, I think. I use all my spells as bait to get off a boosted doom and darkness on the great swords, who are lined up to sweep my right flank unopposed besides my two cowering monsters, Who move out and set up for a long distance charge on the greatswords, turning at odd angles to the cannons to make hitting a little harder.

Empire, His lvl 4 lowers my ungor toughness to 1, Miscasting and casting herself into the warp, making this game a LOT more interesting. Payback is brutal, as 32 ungors and 8 gors are killed by artillery fire, Both cannons are fired at my Ghorgon one misses the other does 4 wounds, so he lives, But he's hurt.

Beastmen turn two. I declare charges with two razorgor, one at a cannon and one at the riflemen. the cannon charge makes it, but the other razorgor fails and takes 2 wound from the stand and shoot. My ghorgon makes it into the greatswords so he can at least die in combat instead of by cannon fire. everything else moves up. With my new found magical superiority I push through a boosted miasma -3 on the great swords and wildform on the ghorgon. Combat is grotesquely lop-sided when my gorghon desides not to chomp and kills 11 guys with attacks and thunderstomp. They are outside of leadeship and doom and darkness does it's thing. They break, roll a sad 3 flee move, and are caught and consumed by the huge beast despite his bloodgreed. The razorgor fails to finish off the cannon.

Empire, The knights charge the ungor in the flanks. and get speed of light, everything else moves up. the gor get broght down to 22 guys and the doombull takes a wound to riflemen fire. Another razorgor takes 2 wounds from riflemen fire (They ruled he could be picked out of the unit, so all the shots went on him) the remaining cannon fails to wound the victorious ghorgon, and things continue to go bad for the Empire. the Knight champion gets called out and smashed into paste, speed of light not being faster than an angry doombull with ASF. 4 ungor are killed, the knights break (and won't recover until turn 5).


Beastmen turn 3, The beastmen gor charge the halberders thinking they will be push overs, the giant charges the rifle men who fail their terror test and flee through the rocket, it fails its test so can't fire, a razorgor hits the other cannon. the ungor and doombull down to a fraction of their numbers bravely retreat from the spearmen, missile fire taking the fight out of them all. magic sees a boosted miasma on the the Halberds and Panns pelt on the great bray shaman and bsb. In combat the gors kill about 11 halbeds fot a loss of 6 gors, I realise I don't have the numbers to win this fight. I trash a canon and over run into the mortor.

Empire, the spearmen charge the cowering ungor, magic sees pha's protection cast with IF doing a wound to the light wizard. hilariously both razorgor are finished by artillery crew! The Gor Halberd battle get even bloodier, The fight has attacted quite a crowd as people wonder if the gor can hold off the waves of humanity in the bizzaro battle where the beastmen are the outmanned unit against overwhelming numbers. I'm taken to my low teens and he into his high twenties. The spearmen do a number on the poor ungor The champion challanges the doom bull, who mashes him for max overkill. I lose by 1 and hold.

Beastman turn 4 my mages move to get in rage of the fights and fail, I finish off all the warmachines and try to rush my remaining monsters over to help with the fight, It's a stretch to see if the can make it to turn 6. Combat sees me brought down to 11 gor, to 24 halberds, still over 2-1 odds.

Empire, Phas protection is dispelled and on to combat. Gors go down to a measly 6 and the and the halberds go down to 18, I reform to one rank and hope for the best. The doombull mashes the Captain but the ungor are brought down to 3, I lose by 5 but make my 4 ld roll. The gors roll PRIMAL FRENZY and inflict the wounds need to win combat enough to remove steadfast run the unit down and slam into the light wizard behind them I'm down to just 3 gor.

Beastmen turn 5 The gors kill the light wizard and reform to read end the spears, who knock the ungor down to one. I win combat due to the doombull and the spears hold. I'm hoping a can get a LONG gaint charge turn 6

Empire turn 5 the knights rally 1/2 inch from the table edge. The spearmen fail to kill the ungor champ. Disgusted, the Empire concedes the field

He only got 110 points, but that doesn't show how close this match was, one more cannon hit, or his lvl 4 not miscasting could have changed things. I'm worried had to fight tooth and nail for a battle where everything went wrong for the other guy.......

31-03-2012, 21:51
Sounds like a very fun game! Did you remember that special rule that wargor and beastlord give to their unit when fighting humans? I think they auto-pass PF or something? Amazing that both of your gribblies walked away from an empire army standing.

Interesting to see someone run the ungor bus + doombull. Statistically, PF is marginally better on them than the frenzy, but the first time I saw the book the mino char into ungor seemed like an obvious combo.

02-04-2012, 02:20
I forgot that rule! Hehe lucky for me I never failed. I love frenzied ungors. They don't flee from losing 30 models to shooting. And yeah everything went wrong for the Empire that day.