View Full Version : Any IG allies left?

26-03-2012, 19:39
It was a sad day when I lost my IG armiy to GW, but that's another story and here's to a *new day.

What allies are left for the IG? Anything worthy or,


26-03-2012, 21:32
well, ya can you ratlings and ogryn. IG mke up for that by haven been top dog for most of 5th, till they tied with space wolves. Now grey knghts are king.

26-03-2012, 22:29
Heretics! Be gone to the WH40k forum with your fake emperor! This is the land of Sigmar!

26-03-2012, 23:59
So no more allies eh?

27-03-2012, 00:53
Yeah they rewrote both the witch hunters and demon hunters codexi, so no more allies in your IG army. However I think Grey knights and sisters of battle are allowed access to imperial guard units, so you could sort of have your allies that way.