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26-03-2012, 21:20
Sorry if this has been covered already. I couldn't find anything on it using the forum search.


Simply, if you're wielding a great weapon in close combat, do you still get the armor bonus from a shield? I'm not talking about the parry save. Just the +1 armor save.

I can't find anything in the rulebook that says you lose the armor save bonus from a shield under any circumstances. If it's there and I'm missing it, could someone please point me to the correct page?


Lance Tankmen
26-03-2012, 21:26
no you do not, you only get the 1+ against ranged shots

Hell Storm
26-03-2012, 21:50
Check pg. 75 Requires Two Hands

The bearded one
26-03-2012, 21:51
Basically your models have 2 hands. In combat the great weapons require 2 hands to be wielded, leaving no place for a shield.

26-03-2012, 22:22
It's because a great weapon is a two-handed weapon and you need to use a shield to get the bonus from it - when not in combat you aren't using the great weapon so use the shield. :-)