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purge the daemon
27-03-2012, 04:32
Captin Plate armour enchanted shield 61

Captin BSB plate armour 81

Battle wizard level 2 100

5*20 handgunners 160
2* detachments 10 swordsman 60 (2 for each unit)

20 swordsman full command 145 (with both captins)

2*great cannon 100

2*mortars 75

2*engineer 65


Swordsman detachments make a bubble surrounding handgunners
20 man unit in front. Handgunners surround cannons and mortars in
Semi circle. Army holds ground always hold or stand and shoot swordsman
Move in for flank and rear charges.

Asuryan's Spear
27-03-2012, 09:07
its different with a good focus. well done looks alotta fun. i can however see it struggling aganst heavy infantry as these will die slowly and you don't realy have the clout to break them in CC which is the most reliable way to do so. also if they tickle your fancy you might like to try the nuln ironsides from FW they're captain is pretty tasty as well and it would be good thematically

purge the daemon
27-03-2012, 12:17
What does he do? Special rule wise? What do you sujest I ad for heavy infantry?

purge the daemon
27-03-2012, 20:08

purge the daemon
27-03-2012, 21:03
I read buckners rules and he's ass and a shitton of points nor can he be my general so this time rules beat fluff

Asuryan's Spear
27-03-2012, 21:39
well i've found greatswords as a decent heavy infantry unit which can get some decent wounds and kill off heavy units. add a WP and it'll be fine. Faulk(Ironsides captain) has a special hoch gun that fires a special bullet that does a str6 and D3 wounds no armour saves. makes all hangunners re-roll 1s to hit

purge the daemon
27-03-2012, 21:49
FW is not always acceptable in tournament scenario I want to avoid.

I can drop 1 cannon 1 mortar and 1 engineer for 20 greatswords full command 230 then give the BSB the flaming banner.