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27-03-2012, 08:59
Howdy all, I remember ages ago that there was a White Dwarf article about the fan made-turned offical chapter of space marines of the Star Foxes.

For the life of me I can find NOTHING online, nor can I find it in the issues I have with the time I've had to look.

Does anyone else remember where I can find fluff etc for this chapter. Many many thanks in advance!

27-03-2012, 11:31
...well, the sister WD codex article came out just a little while ago

27-03-2012, 17:07
Let me see if I can find something...

*Barrel rolls*

27-03-2012, 19:07
On a more serious note... I found an image on google from the Index Asartes article and am posting it below to see if it helps memory. I would be very gratefulto know which WD it was in.


27-03-2012, 19:17
See, their icon is a star that looks like a fox, or possibly a fox that's shaped like a star. /mind blown

Back when people still made their own dang web sites and everyone made 4x4 attack bikes or dune buggy speeders, this was the chapteto go to for marines who are into lady-members who are also elite scouts.

Troy Arakaki may still be active on... star destroyer.net Kitsune. If he's alive, you should ask him what happened to his website.

You should probably consider the Chapter Approved status as like an A+ for effort. It's not like the chapter were adopted into marketing material or other factions' backgrounds. CA makes them canon in that everything-and-nothing sense, it doesn't mean that sensible marines who live underground and recruit women are just as relevant as to the setting as Black Templars.

27-03-2012, 21:00
I remember finding this guys website ages ago. They actually put this in a white dwarf? Specifically the part about female marines? GW has been fairly blunt about the no-girls-allowed thing when it comes to official space marines so I'm surprised.

27-03-2012, 21:26
I'd guess that this was back when the US had stuff in WD that didn't appear in the UK version, like Movie Marines.

27-03-2012, 21:30
Yes were talking... 8ish years ago? or more. It went on and on about how they were very "scouty" no word on female marines. But it was indeed in a WD. Wanna say, if I remember correctly, it was a 4-5 page article with the above chapter approved image and some painted minis.

27-03-2012, 22:39
Seems that down here in Oz, we got material from the US and UK editions (but probably alternated). We got the movie marines stuff, but I don't recall "star foxes" which sounds more like an SF-soft-core porno than a marine chapter.

Hive Mind 33
28-03-2012, 07:45
I did a ton of searching and they only real thing I found was one of the images you used on a Spanish blog.