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Singleton Mosby
27-03-2012, 09:17
Here's the Battlereport of my last battle (already posted on the Bretonnia forum).

This was my list:

Lord (with Errants): Temper, Locket, Purebreed

Level 2 wiz (with M@A)
Paladin (with Grail Knights)
BSB with small unit Knights


11 Knights Errant (+lord)

41 M@A (+damsel - blessing item)
42 M@A
16 archers
16 archers

6 Mounted squires
6 mounted squires

8 Grail knights (+paladin)


My enemy had a unit of ghouls, three or four of zombies and 2 units of skeletons as infantry. Then a unit of dire-wolves and a unit of wights. He had Kemmler and three other vampires and a banshee. During the first three turns his army almost doulbed in size, the ammount of zombies was huge.



Turn 1
VC moved his infantry forward but kept his right flank back. The Dire wolves were moved on the flank. Then he started raising zombies, lots of them.

I only moved my M@A a little foreward, keeping my small unit of KOTR with he BSB in between. The Grail knights were moved into position for a flank charge later on and I held back the remainder and started shooting.


Turn 2
His infantry moved on and he raised more zeds and skellies. Total power made all his vampires get one wound. And he did some damage to one of my M@A blocks with a spell. The wardsave (prayer icon) I had didn't help.

I killed two of his direwolves which he raised next turn and I killed again. Moved my men a little more in position and changed the position of the BSB and his retinue.
(Forgot to include the unit of Ghouls in the first two pictures btw).


Turn 3

The charge of the zombies finally hit home but my M@A fought like lions (like they never did before ). He raised more and more zombies but as many were killed by my M@A and then he had a miscast. Hi ghouls flanked my grail knights but they did very well and won combat.


I charged my grail knights and BSB into his toughest unit of skeletons, with a vampire and banshee and started hacking away. At the same time killing a unit of zombies with a flank attack. The knight Errants (with general) charged the ghouls on the flank and went straight through into the Wights.
My mage had total power and killed some zombies and some of her own before I hacked all of the remaining zeds to death.

(somewhere something is not right as the Grail knights fought one turn longer then the other knight. But anyhow, it roughly worked out like this).


Turn 4

The Wights killed my general (killing blow) even though he had the locket :(. The vampire bats did some damage to my men as well. But I won against the big unit of skellies and whiped it out. His other big unit (with Kemmler) charged my now weakened unit of M@A but was caught by the other unit of M@A and a 12 men unit of knights. The mounted squires ran the dire-wolves off the field.

Even though my general was killed I won the battle in the next turn with only slight losses. There had been some hairy moments however.

27-03-2012, 16:46
Congratulation to that victory! (however without Grave Guard with 2H weapon, Wargheist or Blood Knights he was doomed from the beginning)

Singleton Mosby
28-03-2012, 07:20
Congratulation to that victory! (however without Grave Guard with 2H weapon, Wargheist or Blood Knights he was doomed from the beginning)

We both haven't palyed Warhammer for over ten years and neither of us has any post 6th edition models. So that's why he didn't field these.

29-03-2012, 16:46
Nice report! Nice and to the point.

Would be great if the VC player had some heavy hitters(although I understand why he didn't), although summoning zombies is fine, the armybook just doesn't compete by rasing alone.