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27-03-2012, 16:49
Hey guys,

what do you think of this 2400 point list? Any good?

HE archmage, lvl 4, Folariath's Robe (Shadows)

HE Mage, lvl 2, Jewel of the Dusk (Heavens)

Noble, BSB, gw, armour of caledor

30 spearmen, full comm.
29 spearmen, full comm.
10 archers

17 swordmasters, full comm, ironcurse icon, banner of arcane protection
20 phoenix guard, full comm, banner of sorcery
5 dragon princes, full comm
7 shadow warriors

2 great eagles

Obviously the list is heavy on magic and focuses on Mindrazoring the units while limiting the combat potential of the enemy. It will engage asap and fight hard.

27-03-2012, 19:56
Are you choosing not to use a special character? If not, why don't you add Teclis?

27-03-2012, 20:05
I wouldn't be advising people to use Teclis. For a friendly game it isn't a choice that will make you friends and would only be a good idea in a tournament game where you are allowed. Maybe book of hoeth but again same applies.

I think the list is pretty solid very similar to what I run with the exception of some unit size changes jus balancing out.

I also sometimes take LSG instead of spearmen for the firing power.

Some people here may advise to have you swordmasters as shock troops in units of as lithe as 7 men! But I've not had success with this. Worth playtesting though!

27-03-2012, 20:13
Also I have never ran heavens so couldn't say. I normally run my lvl 2 with fire mainly for signature spell as it works for so many different reasons, either as a diversion to get people to waste dispel dice or as a quick cheap cast with remaining dice etc.

I don't think you 'need' to run characters with high elves and I only tend to if I'm having a real mess about/fluffy game

Pointy Headed Elven Paladin
28-03-2012, 04:10
I realize that you're attempting to go with Mindrazor spam with this army but I don't think it will live up to that potential. Also I don't see the reason for such a small shooting force if your primary purpose is to get into close combat. My suggestions would be this:

1) give the Archmage at least the Silver Wand so you're pretty much guarenteed the Mindrazor spell.
2) If you're not concern with magic defense then I'd suggest using Seerstaff of Saphery on the 2nd Lvl. Mage so you get to choose which spells to use (works really well if you decided to go with High Magic or double up on Shadow to get a 2nd Mindrazor spell).
3) I'd fold the points for the Archers into one of the Spearman units and make them into LSG (unless you've only included them as a small bunker for one of the Mages). This give the force more shooting attacks.

If you go with these suggestions here is an alternative list you can try out:

4th Lvl. Mage with Folariath's Robe, Dragonbane Gem, & Silver Wand: 320 pts.
2nd Lvl. Mage with Seerstaff of Saphery: 165 pts.
BSB with GW, Armor of Caledor, & Guardian Phoenix: 168 pts.
30 Spearmen w/ full command: 295 pts.
24 LSG w/ full command & kit & Banner of Eternal Flame: 347 pts.
20 Phoenix Guard w/ full command & Banner of Sorcery: 380 pts.
21 Swordmasters w/ full command, Banner of Arcane Protection, & Ironcurse Icon: 385 pts.
5 Dragon Princes w/ Std. & Mus., & Banner of Ellryion: 190 pts.
3x Great Eagles: 150 pts.

Total: 2400 pts.

I hope that helps.

28-03-2012, 08:08
The archer unit is just for clearing that one wound, or taking down that one rank bonus, on enemy troops. All units are capable of holding own in combat, generally speaking: even without Mindrazor. Mindrazor will be used where most needed or tactically viable.
Like the suggestions, but given the nature of the list I kept the spears as regular spearmen. I don't want them to hang back.
However, the Silver Wand is a very good suggestion which I implemented immediately!

28-03-2012, 08:08
Lost the game vs Empire, but only by a minor margin. Opponent shot up one of the spear units in turn 1 with two direct mortar hits. Thoughout the whole game, he did not misfire his 3 artillery devices once! Also, one of them survived a two-marker comet of cassandora :-S . Spearmen + mind razor in flank of -2T Steamtank = one dead steam tank :D