View Full Version : 2200 Points of Vampire Counts for next Tournament

27-03-2012, 17:10
After just coming back from Warmaster's Challenge with my Tomb Kings, I have decided to switch back to my Vampire Counts army.

He is want I have come up with so far to complete with all the compeditive lists at Warmaster's Challenge:

20x zombies with std/mus
20x zombies with std/mus
19x skeletons with std/mus
39x ghouls with ghast
6x dire wolves
6x dire wolves

5x Hex Wraiths
5x Hex Wariths

6x blood knights with full command (champion with +1S Sword)

Ghoul King (in ghouls)
- Red Fury
- Sword of Bloodshed (+3A)
- Potion of Strength
- Dragonbane Gem (2+ ward to fire)

Necromancer (in skeletons)
- LVL 2
- Feedback Scroll

Vampire (in Blood Knights)
- Flaming Banner
- HA, S, Barded Nightmare, Lance
- Red Fury

The army has 2 heavy hitters that can basically smash through anything. Magic is only there to cast Invocation. The Ghoul Kings can kill any model in warhammer in the first round of combat or he can on average slaughter 12 models. Vampire BSB is there in case I run into a hoard of trolls, Abom, hydra, etc. The army should be able to take out tectis as there are very few spells that can hurt the blood knights.

Anyways, critics welcome.

28-03-2012, 19:48
i will rape you . . .

looking forward to our game this Sunday! I'll probably post my list here too.