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Captain Collius
27-03-2012, 18:34
Grey Seer Skalm Amulet Of Pres Powerstone dispel scroll
Chieftan Stormbanner BSB Shield
Warlock Engineer Skavenbrew
Warlock Doomrocket
Plague Priest Ironcurse amulet Furnace Flail Dispel scroll

39 Stormvermin Banner of Eternal Flame SB Musician Warpfire thrower

50 slaves with shield musician pawleader
40 slaves with shield musician pawleader

50 Clanrats with spears shields and full command

40 plague monks standard champion musician Plague Banner


I'm 144 pts short

I have 8 rat ogres 6 giant rats and a couple of rats what should i add to make up the cost Improved magic from warlocks? or priest and should i give BSB a ward?

28-03-2012, 01:05
1 - you have 2 dispel scrolls
2 - bsb can't have a ward without ditching the storm banner

I'd cut back a little and give yourself a hammer, you have a toughish wall but nothing hard with which to slam things in the flank.

28-03-2012, 16:16
Definatly get a couple of Rat Darts (5 Giant Rats + Packmaster); you might find use out of a Poison Wind Mortor (for your SV) and a Warpfire Thrower with your Clan Rats.

Personally I would drop the spears on the CR; you should only need to use 35-40 of them in most lists and only go to 50 on your slaves.

Captain Collius
28-03-2012, 17:29
Lords-Grey Seer- Skalm, Amulet of Preservation, Powerstone

Heroes-Chieftan-BSB, Talisman of Endurance, Shield

Warlock Engineer LVL. 1-Condenser, Dispel scroll, pistol

Warlock Engineer-Doomrocket

Plague Priest lvl. 2-Flail, Ironcurse Icon, Foul Pendant, Mounted on A Plague Furnace

Core-39 Stormvermin Standard, Banner of Eternal Flame, Musician, Warpfire Thrower

50 slaves, Musician, Pawleader

44 slaves, Musician, Pawleader

50 Clanrats Spears, Musician , Standard Bearer , Warpfire Thrower

Special 40 Plague Monks Standard,Standard Bearer, Plague Banner, Bringer-of-the-word, Musician

3 rat ogres 1 master bred rat ogre 1 pack master

Rare Warp Lightning Cannon

Warp Lightning Cannon
how does that look?

28-03-2012, 20:43
BSB: I'd go with the storm banner over the talisman. Skaven chieftans are cheap and expendable and really not worth trying to keep alive.

lvl 1 warlock: Drop it. You already have 6 levels of magic and really don't need a third wizard.

If you can I'd convert a slave block to clanrats or possibly more plague monks. You don't need 3 unbreakable/steadfast blocks (including plague monks with the furnace). I'd really just experiment with this though, there's a LOT you can do with it your core and still make it work.

I also agree on dropping the spears on clanrats and ABSOLUTELY DO NOT run them in a horde It makes NO SENSE at all. usually gets you 6-8 more WS3 str3 attacks vs..... 3 more ranks for LD boost and steadfast. Same goes for slaves.

Squeezing in 1 more rat ogre is also a good idea if you can. 2x2 brick is nice and compact and you still get 3 attacks from the second rank per ogre.

Besides that I think you're at a point where it would be a good idea to play some games and get a feel for what the list is lacking in

Captain Collius
29-03-2012, 01:18
Thanks for the ideas

so i should drop the clanrats for the Hell Pit Abomination when i get one