View Full Version : Post the best competitive lists from all armies 2-3k (filth ok)

27-03-2012, 21:06
Hello all,

I am just getting back into Warhammer Fantasy after a long absence and I want to get an idea of what the current tournament competitive builds are. I am inviting people to post lists from any army 2000-3000 points with no restrictions beyond whats in the rule books with a brief explanation of its strategy. I am looking for lists that are known to have done well not theoretical lists. Have you been getting smashed by an opponent? Give us an idea of what they are fielding. I want to see what I might be facing so I can better prepare for it so bring forth the filth! No matter how cheesy, deathstars, multiple dragons or whatever, if it wins games I want to be ready.

28-03-2012, 12:48
This is going to absolutely curbstomp you everytime:

-dual grey seer ( 2X dreaded in turn 1 with average winds of magic rolls)
-bsb amour of world end ( fails look out, denies first cannonball)
- MR3 token warlock sits in same bunker to protect characters against spirit leech
- Doomrocket skitteleap warlock
-dual abom
-dual wlc
- ********s of slaves ( blocks of 60 with musican to tie up your elite units forever)
- horde of plague monks with plague banner
- 2 units of 40ish clanrats to bunker the characters, 2 poisoned wind mortars
- some gutter runners to kill warmachines